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To do this to prevent libido recession 01/28/2016
Sexual dreams too much may be due to the wrong position of sleep 01/28/2016
what should pay attention if Ejaculatory dysfunction 01/04/2016
Sperm too much could also lead to infertility 01/04/2016
what's wrong with Middle-aged people Ejaculation not free 01/04/2016
how to get benefit on women with sexual 09/23/2015
3 kinds of sexual expression are the most let woman angry 09/23/2015
Five actions to prevent kidney empty 09/18/2015
Husband and wife have sex with "five steps of" impulse 09/17/2015
Birth control pills how much will Injury body 09/17/2015
Some food as a man must eat 09/14/2015
A man should have common sense about sex 09/14/2015
Men impotence Is heart disease but also is body disease? 09/10/2015
Three culprits to decrease of the quality of the sex 09/09/2015
Men and women sleeping posture reflects the secret of sex 09/08/2015
The beard is associated with sexual pleasure ? 09/08/2015
30 years old man take three hurdles to go through 09/07/2015
Men don't do these three things before go to bed 09/07/2015
Old people how to improve sexual ability? 09/06/2015
How do foreplay to make female orgasm is more intense? 09/06/2015
The man how to improve sexual ability ? 09/01/2015
The women have more liquid, the ease of orgasm 09/01/2015
What stole your "lasting fighting capacity" 08/28/2015
Men's error during sexual 08/28/2015
What body reactions when the women is coming to orgasm 08/27/2015
more longer more better during sex is it right ? 08/20/2015
Women want to make love every day is normal or not ? 08/18/2015
Mobile phone may do harm to sex 08/18/2015
The harmonious sexual can treat many disease 08/18/2015
The harmonious sex life with 5 standards 08/17/2015
Sex 8 elements,how much do you know about them ? 08/16/2015
Love should loudly to say,also the sexual intercourse pain 08/16/2015
The best process to have sex for the first time 08/12/2015
Drinking will enhance sexual desire or inhibit sexual desire? 08/12/2015
The psychological analysis of sexual edge 08/12/2015
99% of people don't know about 6 new knowledge of orgasm 08/12/2015
How to judge he really love you or not ? 08/11/2015
Sexual desire or love? Look at his eyes where he looks to 08/11/2015
Why delivery make orgasm ceased to exist? 08/10/2015
What are the dangers of sex before the age of 20 08/10/2015
six reasons about woman refused to sex 08/09/2015
Don't let the fake orgasm as normal 08/09/2015
The most important reason for low sexual desire 08/07/2015
Common impotence caused by the following reasons 08/07/2015
How old to start sex education for children 08/07/2015
Why Women shout loudly with the sexual excitement 08/06/2015
couple have sex can promote mental health 08/06/2015
How to prolong sex 08/04/2015
Men sleep time less than 5 hours "Libido will reduce" 08/04/2015
What kind of mentality should be maintained during sex 08/02/2015
What factors lead to male infertility 08/02/2015
woman stay young, can not lack of sex 07/31/2015
Americans how to deal with sexual harassment ? 07/28/2015
Enhance sexual function of 4 kinds of diet 07/28/2015
The importance to the men's health with drink more warter 07/27/2015
Four principles for sex 07/27/2015
Why can't sync to orgasm during sexual 07/26/2015
In vitro ejaculation will bring 4 kinds of hazards 07/24/2015
Determine the libido with 10 main reasons 07/24/2015
How to do In order to delay ejaculation time 07/23/2015
what happened with normal semen report but infertility 07/23/2015
5 physiological point of penis should to know 07/21/2015
What are some of the male menopause symptoms 07/21/2015
In 2013, sexology newly discovered 10 of the facts 07/20/2015
Five remind to save the man libido 07/19/2015
Fast recovery Psychogenic impotence method 07/19/2015
Happy sex helps to relief 07/16/2015
Sex decompression, couples both love decompression method 07/16/2015
Follow three principles during sexual 07/14/2015
Don't want to have sex, because of sex cleanliness? 07/13/2015
What is sexual repression 07/13/2015
Sexual health after a human mature, opened with a lifetime, some 07/10/2015
Man will excited with the unfashionable sexual knowledge 07/10/2015
A few tips to improve sexual ability 07/09/2015
what consequences if the sex does not meet 07/08/2015
what is in the man sperm ? 07/08/2015
The methods preservation of life after the marriage 07/07/2015
The dangers of sexual dysfunction in men 07/07/2015
what skills do the women like with sexual 07/02/2015
The eight tips let depressing sex go to high 07/01/2015
Recommended five sexual technique 07/01/2015
sex Physiological experience of orgasm 06/30/2015
Why do men like to catch a woman's breasts 06/30/2015
There're so many knowledge in kissing 06/29/2015
Drink coffee is good or bad before sex ? 06/29/2015
Women often eat prophylactic have great harm to the body 06/26/2015
How to improve the quality of sexual 06/26/2015
Character determines quality of sex 06/25/2015
Some ways of sex very hurt the body 06/25/2015
why the man urination difficulty after the sex 06/24/2015
Married couples contraceptive most easily into the erroneous zon 06/24/2015
Six related to sexual interesting facts 06/16/2015
Women how to care for pussy 06/16/2015
Must not be less Security measures during sex 06/09/2015
Visual effects on sexual excitement 06/09/2015
How to do can increases the chances of pregnancy 06/08/2015
To sunshine like this is effect like viagra 06/08/2015
The fierceness of husband and wife Is the basis of sexual health 06/01/2015
what have to pay attention to during sexual 06/01/2015
Perfect coordination with the depth and speed 05/31/2015
Sex and love A few things you don't understand 05/31/2015
6 tips, make couples sex life more perfect! 05/29/2015
Positions of tired men and women is the most energy saving 05/29/2015
Eight tips to change the status quo of sex life without passion 05/27/2015
Do you know of ED enough? Don't frighten yoursel 05/26/2015
The man sex excessiveness sorrow: sexual dysfunction 05/25/2015
The elderly medication treatment impotence remember not too much 05/25/2015
Ejaculation is the prelude to impotence? 05/21/2015
Won't insomnia at night if have sexual 05/21/2015
Sexual intercourse frequency may wound plant nerve system 05/20/2015
Diet to help you improve sexual desire 05/20/2015
Men occasionally erectile inadequate women should encourage 05/18/2015
Coffee affect sex orgasm 05/18/2015
What are the benefits with often make love? 05/15/2015
The g-spot, women's super sexy belt 05/14/2015
Techniques of sex for people 05/13/2015
what reason cause of loss of libido ? 05/13/2015
Improve sexual ability of 7 nostrum 05/11/2015
The sex skills which make sex happy fulfilling 05/11/2015
What reaons causes male erectile dysfunction 05/10/2015
Is it the different about the way male orgasm and ejaculation ? 05/10/2015
Maintain 7 degrees excited Let a man bed lasting skills 05/08/2015
Excessive attention to sexual technique will affect sex 05/08/2015
Female orgasm several times a day has a great harm to the body 05/07/2015
Proper motion, can increase the frequency of sexual 05/07/2015
How can make sex more perfect 05/05/2015
What kind of skills to make sex blow out 05/05/2015
Penis erection the longer the better or not ? 04/30/2015
Sexual matters needing attention during pregnancy 04/30/2015
women have harmonious sex is more beautiful 04/29/2015
Lovers will not aware of details of sex 04/29/2015
Men have no money will also go bad 04/28/2015
Don't ejaculation will make women pregnant or not ? 04/28/2015
the couple have good sex is the guarantee of perfect marriage! 04/28/2015
Sex to do so is very harm to the body 04/27/2015
Men prefer sex posture has revealed his thoughts 04/27/2015
Meditation beauty Improve sexual ability of 7 nostrum 04/27/2015
4 error lead to husband and wife not harmonious with sex 04/21/2015
70% of men are looking forward to have one night stand 04/21/2015
A man Sexual skill is not good Will make the wife sex apathy 04/16/2015
Why does a woman want to 35 minutes In order to meet with sex 04/16/2015
11 thing well done ,orgasm was going to be easy 04/15/2015
How hot she is in bed Five parts to tell you 04/15/2015
Four kinds wife are most vulnerable to the husband revenge 04/14/2015
When dating with music High success rate 04/14/2015
More happy experience than ejaculation experience 04/13/2015
Let a female touch up the vibration of the pleasure method 04/13/2015
What kind of sleep position is the most healthy for man 04/09/2015
Eight fruit defend man health 04/09/2015
10 tips to attract women's eye 04/08/2015
knowledge of female prevention infertility 04/08/2015
Different ways of sex to adopt different method of contraception 04/07/2015
7 standard identification Sexual ability with men 04/07/2015
The four big benefits if men masturbate 04/06/2015
Grab a woman sexual peak treatment of premature ejaculation 04/06/2015
Not correct sex concept ,Easy to cause the male premature ejacu 04/06/2015
Husband and wife get along in sexual fatigue for stay long time 04/03/2015
Men should know of it, women must learn 3 sex skills 04/03/2015
What determines the ability of female orgasm 04/03/2015
Each sensitive touch, inspire libido 04/02/2015
Never busy ejaculation during sex 04/02/2015
What time in the morning Sexual ability is the strongest for man 03/30/2015
The most unhealthy of these sex 03/30/2015
The clitoris high tide sex guide 03/25/2015
sex is more exciting if wear stockings 03/25/2015
Pause in due course during making love will last longer 03/25/2015
How to eat can improve the quality of sex 03/24/2015
What are the effects of sex apathy 03/24/2015
Six methods are more likely to reach orgasm 03/23/2015
5 things to see man's possessive is strong or not 03/23/2015
What food can enhance sexual function in daily life? 03/23/2015
Women have sexual desire too 03/09/2015
The woman really thirty like a Wolf ,forty like a tiger? 03/09/2015
Premature ejaculation treatment what dietotherapy will work 03/09/2015
Sexual intercourse pain May be caused to ovarian tumors 03/07/2015
The magic benefits of se 03/07/2015
how to do with Wife is sex apathy 03/07/2015
From urine to see men whether deficiency of the kidney 03/06/2015
How to improve male sexual ability ,food work wonders 03/06/2015
Seven kinds of exercise can enhance the man Sexual ability 03/06/2015
The basal body temperature measurement will control pregant 03/04/2015
How sex hormones affect female sex activities ? 03/04/2015
The man standing for a long time be careful injured testis 03/04/2015
The bedroom decorate clever will upgrade good sexual 03/03/2015
soulmate Will last long time ? 03/03/2015
Don't let the older reason into married 03/03/2015
The most basic common sense in sex 02/26/2015
Why male sperm's collor is yellow? 02/26/2015
what is normal male semen index 02/26/2015
How to use the sexual fantasy inspire his wife's sexual desire? 02/02/2015
Prolong ejaculation will have your girlfriend orgasm many times 02/02/2015
Often eat apple helps the female sexual arousal 01/22/2015
Women often multiple orgasms is good or not ? 01/22/2015
4 keays to Start the sexual desire 01/21/2015
Why too much sperm will lead to sterility ? 01/21/2015
How to maintain sexual desire after marriage 01/16/2015
Judge a man's sperm degree of health 01/16/2015
Can we go to bed immediately after sex ? 01/15/2015
Five tips to improve sexual 01/15/2015
What method can promote male sex ability 01/11/2015
How to control the ejaculation and enjoy sex orgasm 01/11/2015
Sleep out five sexual problems 01/10/2015
use condoms will reduce the quality of sex or not ? 01/08/2015
Relieve fatigue has four big formula 01/08/2015
During orgasm, men and women feel the same or not? 01/04/2015
can we have sex during pregnancy ? 01/04/2015
How to make love to let my girlfriend multiple orgasms 01/04/2015
couple how to make the third one nowhere involvement 12/30/2014
The most easily overlooked skills to get orgasm 12/30/2014
Women two parts most want to by fondled 12/29/2014
Pregnancy check is the trend is still required 12/28/2014
9 big doubts of sex 12/28/2014
Any difference sex interest in male and female physiologica 12/24/2014
How can let the woman take the initiative to make love? 12/24/2014
Why did the wife never have orgasm? 12/23/2014
Forced sexual intercourse extended time affects health 12/23/2014
man's sperm can be what kind of effect to the health of women 12/22/2014
The benefits of birth control pills do you know? 12/22/2014
The benefits of laugh to sex 12/18/2014
Swimming accident benefits for men 12/18/2014
Warm-up preparation of sexual intercourse, sexual foreplay d 12/17/2014
Make love novel type Let her uncontrolled shivering 12/17/2014
Newly married How to express sexual behavior 12/16/2014
The skillys which are easy to orgasm During sex 12/15/2014
How to determine sexual stimulation Whether or not fully 12/03/2014
Male penis "erection" new concept 11/24/2014
Can effectively overcome the premature ejaculation healthy sex 11/24/2014
Your sexual ability belong to which level? 11/21/2014
Men are more love Ripe female? 11/21/2014
How to solve the problem of premature ejaculation after marriage 11/21/2014
What is a mature later? 11/18/2014
how to to with obesity affects sexual desire? 11/18/2014
he consequences of sex in the back did not shoot 11/18/2014
what farm if have sex with eat too full ? 11/07/2014
In a short period of time The secondary sex health hazard 11/07/2014
A man Sex apathy treatment methods 11/04/2014
Female sex apathy, what medicine should take 11/04/2014
women too much testosterone is also the reasons of sex apathy 11/04/2014
In the early morning erection is very important to man 11/03/2014
Frequent sex 11/02/2014
How to stay in bed for sex a bit longer 11/02/2014
Men ejaculate Can promote the woman to get an orgasm 11/01/2014
How to correctly evaluate the Male human sex ability 11/01/2014
The secret of the breast: the sensitivity of the sex 11/01/2014
Physical contact need to create the newness 10/30/2014
New popular fashion sex methods 10/30/2014
How to achieve the highest state of sexual life 10/29/2014
A man How to grasp Sexual rhythm 10/29/2014
The woman which part is the most attractive men 10/29/2014
Touch is not as long as as good 10/28/2014
What is the best way of make love 10/28/2014
The methods to make man happy in sex 10/27/2014
How to judge the man's Sexual function 10/27/2014
Learn to correctly use sex products 10/23/2014
Which parts women most want to be touch 10/23/2014
Twice a week to do sex is not scientific 10/23/2014
the man always tire after sex 10/22/2014
the reasons of beauty women coldness in sex 10/22/2014
the man of extramarital love is for stimulate 10/22/2014
Who stole our sexual desire? 10/21/2014
The dangers of excessive sex 10/21/2014
Make love 6 details According to He love you or not 10/20/2014
often eat sausage and baconic hurt sperm 10/20/2014
Make love too much 5 big harm healthy 10/20/2014
Why do men have ejaculation difficulty 10/20/2014
Six "artifact" perfect match 10/18/2014
Five positions to let women love on your bed 10/18/2014
Male sex most afraid of things: size is not big enough 10/16/2014
A man 4ways to make women love fluid crazy flow for you 10/16/2014
Sexual foreplay inhibits psychogenic premature ejaculation 10/13/2014
What is the reasons to cause of premature ejaculation? 10/13/2014
how to treat if cant ejaculation ? 10/10/2014
Men are under pressure to orgasm 10/10/2014
The reasons and the treatment of orgasmic dysfunction 10/10/2014
What kind of erectile dysfunction have ? 09/25/2014
Men are similar to those of the female orgasm 09/25/2014
The study says Asia male sexual ability is lower than Europe and 09/22/2014
Brain injury may also lead to impotence 09/22/2014
Impotence causes large inventory 09/20/2014
Long time no sex tend to suffer from impotence 09/20/2014
What is the affair of sexual impotence? 09/17/2014
search the reasons which make impotence 09/17/2014
If don't have libido , just try Vitamins 09/15/2014
movement Let a man farewell "weak" 09/14/2014
Impotence of man, do you eat too much medicine? 09/14/2014
Seven kinds of emotions control mens healthy 09/12/2014
Office workers, running can cure impotence 09/12/2014
A pack of cigarettes a day a forty percent higher risk of impote 09/12/2014
The best ways to the man of impotence 09/11/2014
Give up Smoking ,make you happy with sex 09/11/2014
Man "hard" up to have sex happy 09/10/2014
ED very serious ,wife and husband relationship is very fragile 09/10/2014
Why the patients with impotence easy to insomnia ? 09/10/2014
The woman is responsible for Men's impotence 09/05/2014
Ran out of the trap impotence with runing 09/05/2014
According to the constitution tea can enhance sexual function 09/05/2014
Three steps psychic impotence treatment 09/04/2014
Safety period Contraception birth control rate is only 20% 09/03/2014
how much is the normal size with mens penis 09/03/2014
Contraceptive effect: four practical tips 09/03/2014
impotence is not kidney ,take medicine to be vigilant 09/01/2014
Man ED "alternative reaction" 08/31/2014
Sexual dysfunction treatment shall not be sloppy! 08/29/2014
Operation therapy -- reflection principle to treat impotence 08/28/2014
The psychological treat effect of impotence 08/27/2014
Sexual function self treatment tips 08/27/2014
The key to premature ejaculation treatment 08/20/2014
Sexual medicine will not cause disorder ? 08/19/2014
The classification of premature ejaculation 08/19/2014
Why no refined disease makes men infertility 08/17/2014
Expert analysis six of the major causes of male infertility 08/17/2014
Direct indirect factors make male premature ejaculation 08/14/2014
Step 6 wake method conquer impotence premature ejaculation 08/14/2014
How far from delay ejaculation ? 08/13/2014
What are the causes of not ejaculation 08/13/2014
Men don't use this 5 kinds of medicine Of childbearing age 08/11/2014
What are the cause of primary don't ejaculation reasons 08/10/2014
The symptoms of ejaculation without power 08/10/2014
A month male human ability to ascend 08/09/2014
High sexual technique let her Shouting "want" 08/09/2014
Five positions to let women love on your bed 08/09/2014
Make a woman bound scratching sexual technique 08/07/2014
Women see a bath will help excitant arousal 08/07/2014
The four new mode open sex sex prescription 08/07/2014
Three bad thing douse the sexual desire 08/06/2014
Reduce orgasm time difference between the two sides of four skil 08/06/2014
Four kinds of way in orgasm 08/06/2014
4 sexual skills Between Men 08/05/2014
The old man's happiness combinationed by sentiment and sex 08/05/2014
Five tips will help you to do longer time for sexula 08/04/2014
What is the performance adolescence impotence 08/01/2014
Male impotence Is heart and body disease 08/01/2014
what exactly are the reasons lead to impotence 08/01/2014
Harmonious sexual secretion "happy hormones" 07/31/2014
sex during trave, what kind of skills are more warmly 07/31/2014
Ten ways to sex appeal 07/29/2014
The duration of the extended three times for sex 07/29/2014
A man must have make love skills 07/28/2014
Alcohol affect sexual function 07/28/2014
The influence of inventory for sex Accounting the most boring 07/26/2014
Eight personality hygiene helps the "sex" sex regimen make you h 07/26/2014
Male pressure caused health problems easily 07/26/2014
The most healthy sex life schedule time 07/24/2014
Dietotherapy method for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia 07/24/2014
Condoms for their sex Men want to clear again to eat viagra 07/23/2014
A man should know five things 07/22/2014
How to massage willmake the body excited 07/16/2014
Don't let the phone ringing ruined your sex 07/16/2014
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