News; Which parts women most want to be touch

Published: Thursday 23 October, 2014

Perfect sex life depends on both the male and the female's caress, sexologists say touch is a kind of silent emotional communication, to avoid the due to shyness or misnomer when express feelings of embarrassment. Especially women to touch more sensitive, more easy to estrogen.
Good man must learn to how to caress the woman, I know women which parts are the most wanted men touch. Below, you can to learn it.
Part one, the hips
Hip uplift women at the top of the hip is very sensitive, some doctors will by stimulating the buttocks treatment female sex apathy. Her hips, gently on the bottom circle with your fingers, can provoke her.
Part two, the ear inside
Behind my ear and ear inside cavity is the part of the ear is often overlooked, use your lips to stimulate the ear can let a female to produce intense pleasure. Bite the earlobe, can let a female to tremble. Can also use lips lightly grazed auricle of the female, or press with finger light earlobe, insert fingers into, suggestive effect is quite good.
What part of the brain that women most want to be touch
Part three, shoulders
Around the shoulders foreign psychologists experts, according to a study in get along with women, with the hand took over her shoulder, can let her affection for you. For women, around the shoulder is very sensitive, massage gently with the hand, kissed, swimming with the tip of the tongue along the left and right shoulder peak, occasionally will make women feel sense of being conquered.
Part four, the neck
Behind the neck don't always focus on the clavicle, although there is sexy but not sensitive. The most reliable method is kissing her neck. Quietly walked behind her, lifted after the lover's neck hair and gently kissed her, she will soon be put down his work, the body hug you, want you to caress her more parts.
Part five, on both sides of the spine
According to the survey, many women are highly sensitive to the back of stimulus back, even easier than to stimulate breast and thigh to get pleasure. The study also found that stroking spine on the right side of a woman let her become more easily than touch the left body soft, still can let women are more likely to day-dream.
Health attracts warm prompt: when the stimulus back, kissing and touching technique must be coherent, don't in one place for long.