News; Twice a week to do sex is not scientific

Published: Thursday 23 October, 2014

Some people make love every day but there is no "achievement", some people once a month can be satisfied. So how long sex a science?
Us the latest issue of self magazine published stories, points out that the ideal frequency is that both sides of husband and wife agreed, in terms of sex and not constrained by fixed mode. Sexologist, it also invited many comments on guidance to different frequency of sex.
At a time every night. Expert review: admire your great effort, but don't "for sex and sex", ignore the emotion. John California state university of New York at stony brook, a sociology professor at weng advice, recently in a month's time, concerned about their sex, time and number and frequency of sex with their partners to discuss whether appropriate, trying to get both physical and mental satisfaction.
Twice a week. Experts review: this is a lot of people to "sex", but indiana university institute of sexology expert Dr Eric Johnson said, this is not science. Real scientific sex, is determined according to the need and the emotional body. Couples live together time is long, sex can form a habit, easy to become style than substance. The husband and wife must learn to break the routine, such as change of fixed time and place.
Two or three times a month. Expert review: if both accept this frequency, so don't worry too much about. American Houston sex therapists, says Mary euler skin for some couples sex life, quality is better than quantity. Especially after the age of 40, quality is better than sex daily passion at a time. The two sides together to learn new things, exploration and other activities will close relationship together, improve the intimacy, sex will follow.
Once a month. Expert review: when the husband and wife sex only 1 times a month, the two sides need to one-time love talks openly. Experts point out that, at this time is likely to be a physical or emotional problems, but the relationship is still can be maintained. The two sides should be resolved through communication problems, such as his wife in the aspect of sex more efforts, the husband is willing to lower their sex requirements, etc.
Several times a year. Expert review: Mary euler skin, says the low sexual desire is probably the main reason. In fact, most are men suffer sexual problem. There are a lot of "cause", such as hormone levels, pressure, etc. Men tend to be taboo to talk about his sexual desire to reduce the problem, because this is an integral part of the "macho". In fact, both men and women, experience decreased sexual desire should face the reality and seek treatment in a timely manner.