News; the man always tire after sex

Published: Wednesday 22 October, 2014

"Healthy" male sex fatigue
A healthy sex life, foreplay and happy is important, in the process of recovery after also not to be sneezed at. However in a lot of so-called healthy middle-aged men, many people often feel very tired after sexual intercourse. In general, their reason mainly includes the following three aspects:
First of all, some poten tial disease may cause fatigue after intercourse, such as anemia, mild heart disease, hypokalemia, high potassium, thyroid disease, diabetes, etc.
Second, sex is too fierce, time is too long, might make men sits at a desk for a long time because of physical consumption is larger, with persistent fatigue phenomenon.
Finally, because the sexual activity and generate strong psychological conflict, often affects a person's sexual feelings. For example, some relationship is bad, often accused of husband or wife asked frequency, let men for sexual activity, anxiety, guilt, psychology, reflected in the body, may be after sex fatigue unwell. The fatigue may is only an excuse to escape with his wife, interpersonal conflict, solve the contradictions of inner conflicts and interpersonal aspects are the important measures to effectively eliminate fatigue.
Weak syndrome affect modern men
Besides OuGan fatigue, men complaining are common in clinical, said their fatigue lasts for a week, during which all day long giddy, tired, as if a of a serious illness, but did not find any body disease, what reason is this? As early as 2004 at the 4th world conference on ageing male, experts called "man weak syndrome" problem discussed, with the male sexual intercourse after the phenomenon of fatigue is closely related