News; the man of extramarital love is for stimulate

Published: Wednesday 22 October, 2014

Warning men cheat, it is women who have a skill. Don't let a man cheat, must first understand men the most easily derailed.
A, when the wife is pregnant
Wife is pregnant, is most in need of a husband loving care for, but he is a man the most easily derailed. Pregnant after sex, adverse to the health of the baby when a man so lonesome, is likely to cheat.
So, when pregnant women do not preoccupied with how good baby, lose sight of your husband, he also need your care. Give him a little more sweet, give him a little more considerate and gentle, can let him obediently waiting for you in your side, waiting for the baby.
Second, get less time
The possibility of a long-distance love affair is quite large, separated cannot share tenderness, is said their hearts grow smaller, but long separation, the man to bear loneliness, can not stand the temptation, are likely to cheat. Whether male or female, really get along in a long distance relationship derailed in rates of increase. Want to maintain a long distance relationship, so need most is the identification of will and try to loyalty.
Three, the couple quarrel with each other
Couples severe serious conflict arising from a topic, and the two sides not to give each other, in a huff man may be on the spur of the moment to cheat. Two people together, really quarrel is inevitable. Quarrel can adjust the feelings of two people, but the condition is to fight as a way of solving questions, rather than to fight and quarrel. So there is contradiction to calm yourself down first, and then on the basis of mutual understanding situation.
Four, frustrated not comfort when his wife
Man is the mainstay of home, trying to hold up one day. But they seemingly strong, true heart also has weaknesses. Especially when frustrated frustration in his career, will become very fragile. By this time they need his wife understand them, understand them, to give a little encouragement and comfort. If by this time his wife back down, he even blame him, it is easy to arouse their rebellious attitude, choose to look for outside heat and comfort.