News; Who stole our sexual desire?

Published: Tuesday 21 October, 2014

The fast pace of urban life brings some new problems: modern didn't always feel tired after sex, sex, no matter... In medicine, this is called the fatigue. Patients with physiological and aging are the two factors. But a lot of people who have fatigue, age is not big, is also very good health, for their part, has the following some common cause of fatigue.
Heart tired. Mental fatigue is the most important, the most powerful factors inhibiting desire. The accumulated fatigue, slowly by the male sexual desire and aging is more serious, more enduring than the disease. May cause sex apathy, erectile dysfunction, no climax and other problems. Eliminate the psychological tension, stress in the mind is the best treatment.
Sex life rhythm. Sex for young couples, often behave more intense and exciting. Men generally reach orgasm in sexual intercourse after the first few minutes, while the female is only just beginning to lodge a "sex". Mismatch between the sexes rhythm, it is easy to cause fatigue. Found this problem, a couple should cooperate with each other, make more foreplay, especially men to be a little patience, also want to encourage more women, rather than blindly blame her husband.
Pose problems. If the same sex, the two sides will slowly lose the mystery of sex, feel boring, finally lift not sexual interest in it. Encounter this kind of question, both sides of husband and wife can transform the way sex, sex position, sex life time and place. Some couples is a kind of body posture sex: female under the male type. This position can make men are more likely to feel tired, changeful substituted positions, such as male biddy type, can make men slightly relaxed, women will feel an unprecedented experience. Sex place also don't have to be confined to the bed of the bedroom, the sofa, balcony, hotel, etc are good options.
Occasionally a few times after sex fatigue don't need to worry. If the poor sexual experience, to produce "shadow", is likely to cause low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction, affect the affection between husband and wife. If can't solve the problem, must to normal hospital.