News; The dangers of excessive sex

Published: Tuesday 21 October, 2014

Some people love sex, often boundaries. However, it is hurt a kind of expression of the body.
The interval of sex exactly how long as well? Depending on each person's specific circumstances. Robust body, the nutrition is good, work is not too heavy, sperm regeneration ability, sex gland to secrete exuberant, even more some, also made no difference. But also according to what the next day and feel after sexual intercourse.
It is generally believed that the second day after sex or in recent days, in the following situation, can be considered to be too much:
1, mental tired, depressed, listless, lift not spirit to work boring, attention, learning the sleepy;
2, general weakness, the waist sour leg soft, lazy, top-heavy, dizziness, two eyes stars;
3, pale, his eyes without the god, look gaunt and thin form;
4 heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating, insomnia, much dream, difficult to fall asleep;
5, loss of appetite, don't think diets, poor appetite, and had mild nausea.
In order to prevent these signals, is not only appropriate limit the number of the bedroom, and must be "two" :
Should not be strong labor after sex, or physical excessive consumption, will damage "feet", legacy.
Don't drink and sex. TCM has said "drunk into the room, to exerting its essence". Mean in a drunken situation descending bedroom, want to affect health, early death, the reasons of premature aging.
If the above situation, explain sex excessiveness, should be timely correcting, abstinence, reduce times and every time sexual intercourse. Serious, shall be suspended for a period of sexual life. Or go out, or separated, or bed, it is advisable to disappear, don't come in contact with.
Five major weakness
Sex and each person's physical condition, age, job, relationship and so on have close relationship. Generally decreased with age frequency, in order to does not affect the next day, it is advisable to live and work. If sex is excessive, can bring some irreversible harm to the body.
Can make the constitution worse. Sex medicine emphasizes abstinence better, if hither, can lead to leakage of nutrients in the body too much, which makes the body disease-resistant ability, causing various diseases. Severe cases will appear the waist sour leg soft, serious when still can appear tinnitus, whole body unwell wait for a symptom. At the same time, thinking, memory will go from bad to worse.
Organ "premature". Continuous the sex organs of sex can aggravate the burden, in early "aging", reduced susceptibility to cause sexual function decline.
Reduce sexual satisfaction. Studies have found that, on the same day in different sex, for the first time the highest satisfaction, after every satisfaction declined, even may cause one side wall. To let a person look forward to a break sex.
Cause sexual dysfunction. Male sex too frequently, will prolong ejaculation, in the long term it may cause not ejaculation, delay ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other issues.
Limit your chances of pregnancy. Frequency will increase the risk of infertility sex life, because the semen is thinning, sperm quality will decline.