News; Make love 6 details According to He love you or not

Published: Monday 20 October, 2014

You ask how much he loves you? The moon does not necessarily represent his heart. But, he in the course of the love with you can tell you the answer. Bed six details your man love you have a few minutes.
What occasion most can judge the degree of men love you? Bed behavior is a mirror that is very good. Naked on the bed, in general, relatively less but the influence of many factors, more can reflect a man's heart.
A, he always like "first time" for you?
Think of it as a routine, whether he has become more interest?
And make love to you, he is no longer have the enthusiasm to the charge?
A man who love you, you will be in every time during sex, regard it as a passion and novel experience.
If he began to get careless, occasionally even under the condition of state good speaker to refuse your passion and make you start to "have sex like brushing your teeth" feeling, so, his love for you, it needs to be investigated.
Love you: 3
Second, he take care of your feelings?
Sexual desire, whether he is regardless of the time, no matter you are in the cooking, laundry, watching TV, sleeping, even is sick? During sex, he is not only for the purpose of intercourse, and completely regardless of posture and taken by the way, will make you feel awkward, uncomfortable, even painful? If so --
Love you index only: 2
Three, he was interested in every part of you?
Looks if fairy, or not is fat or thin, these are all on the surface of things, a man who love you, in your every part of the body is left traces of love.
If he pursuit of sexual pleasure, be careful! Such a man, only pursue the libido vent.
Love you index only: 2
Four, he tended to sexual abuse?
Discarded him at ordinary times, once in bed, will be totally changed, action rough, is rife with foul language?
Make love, he will not seek pleasure through the different levels of violence, such as squeezing your arm and bite your lips make you call, only the "pain" instead of "fast"?
In bed for revealing his violent man, is likely to be hidden cruel, is not sound, and extremely self-abased psychology.
But if he really love you, and you'll never enjoy themselves, and ignore your body and mind of pain! Think, is it necessary to leave him?
Love you index: 2
Five, he never make eye contact with you?
Make love, he is like the room lights off or dimmed, or in and your affectionate, then the lights, let each other can the zheng big eyes to appreciate each other's every facial expressions and breathing rhythm?
Or, he always like with eyes closed, narcissism? Maybe a lot of people found it odd to have sex with your eyes open, in fact, with closed eyes may reveal a bad message.
Lover's eyes will not lie, his eyes change, can help you to read out his true or false.
Love you index: 4
Six, he refused to talk about yourself?
During sex, he just sex "to do", in addition to this, I never say more.
Afterward, either immediately wash, sleep, or elaborate you.
Because of the different physiological characteristics, the man will produce collapse after ejaculation feeling, but love you, considerate man, after having sex will still chat with you, tell me about the truth.
Because a man who love you, will be willing to share everything with you, he will talk with you life, and even laid his CARDS on the secret.
If you he rarely do this, that the depth of his love you may not have your imagination of so high.