News; often eat sausage and baconic hurt sperm

Published: Monday 20 October, 2014

Men often like to eat meat, especially like sausage. This is an injury of his sperm.
Man if recent plan to have a father, it is best to eat less, bacon, sausage. A new us study found that men every day to eat a slice of bacon or a small sausage, would be harmful to fertility.
Harvard University researchers in 156 men as the research object, the men were in an artificial test tube babies. The researchers compared their eating habits, it was found that the men who used every day to eat bacon or sausage, sperm quality not eating processed meat products were lower than men.
Researchers analyzed and processed red meat contains more artificial, pesticides or other chemicals, these substances may interfere with testosterone, which affect the male reproductive ability. After a long time, but also may affect sexual desire.
Researchers said that if the white fish such as cod, halibut, instead of red meat processing, can greatly improve the reproductive ability, because the fish is rich in mineral zinc, help to promote male reproductive ability.