News; Dietotherapy method for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia

Published: Friday 25 July, 2014

Prostatic hyperplasia is the elderly often suffer from a disease, so the elderly more necessary in daily life in a timely manner to prevent prostate disease. For the elderly, the diet method can also be effective for treating other disorders such as hyperplasia of prostate. Old people should pay attention to your diet, is conducive to health care and treatment of hyperplasia of prostate. Then the following by the small make up to you to introduce the elderly diet, what are the treatment of hyperplasia of prostate.
1, green bean soup
Ingredients: 100 g mung bean.
Method: wash mung beans, set the pot, add 500 ml water, JiHuo boil for 10 minutes, 10 ml each time, add boiling water, drink tea.
Efficacy: heat lishi, urinate.
Indications: prostate hyperplasia, heating type, urinate a little confusing, less glowing yellow, bitter mouth, do not wish to drink.
2, burn tianluo
Ingredients: 500 g river snail, rice wine, ginger, onion, soy sauce in moderation.
Method: the field snail abluent, cut off the tail, add ginger, spring onion, with oil dementholized stir-fried, add butter, salt, soy sauce, sugar right amount, burn cooked food.
Efficacy: clear and hot and humid, water diuresis.
Indications: prostate hyperplasia, heating type, poor urine hot, dry mouth mouth bitter.
3, watermelon water
Ingredients: watermelon 1 only.
Method: wash and cut open, and watermelon to eat GuaDai.
Efficacy: been used.
Indications: prostate hyperplasia, heating type, poor make water shortage, dry mouth, fever.
These three kinds of treating hyperplasia of prostate health dietotherapy method, hope to people to have certain help. Want male friends in daily life can effectively prevent prostate disease, can only guarantee the healthy body to prevent disease. Wish the elderly to live more and more young, away from the prostate diseases.