News; Why do men have ejaculation difficulty

Published: Monday 20 October, 2014

Men often haunt the difficulty of ejaculation. So, why such a question?
Ejaculation is difficult problems in the sex life of many men, a lot of people think it's no big deal, actually otherwise. Male ejaculation is difficult but can small, why men appear difficult ejaculation? Below let us to know the details!
Don't ejaculation divided into two categories: organic and functional.
Some male masturbation can ejaculation, can eliminate organic problem. Main functional mental factors (such as frequent masturbation, guilty of sexual life and relationship problems between partners, etc.), partner factors (such as partner afraid pregnancy and sexual intercourse pain, enough to male genital stimulation) and sex poor conditions (e.g., environmental noise, etc.).
Don't ejaculation caused by hazards.
Because of sexual desire, erection and ejaculation are part of the organic whole sex, and sex are greatly influenced by the psychological, so may affect sexual desire and erectile function in patients with sexual function of other aspects, such as, or even lead to low sexual desire, etc.; The prostate hyperemia, easy cause prostatitis; Don't ejaculation can also affect the partner for sexual experience; Because sex can't within the vagina ejaculation, can also lead to male infertility.
If you have such a case, so must careful analysis is for what reason. After knowing the cause, and then go to a hospital checking treatment, if the illness is lighter, can regulate themselves. Is worth to mention a bit, you men don't cry because it is very distress, than this serious diseases are so good, how much more the small disease?