News; Six "artifact" perfect match

Published: Saturday 18 October, 2014

Thrilling and exciting things usually gave us very deep impression, so in terms of sex, we might as well in the daily routine "sex" once in a while for a change, make sex also can match each other.
How to make the occasional alternative of sex to impress each other? Don't panic, small make up have ready-made help forms ready for all of us!
1, the condom + "apron"
Yes, you can see is indeed use condoms help sex! But we are here to use a condom method of sex more interesting than usual pattern.
We will be a condom after the rear apron completely stripped out, use scissors to cut out aprons, forming a rubber circle. And then put on the turtle groove of the man. , then a supreme ultra-thin intact condoms on the penis.
In this way, the small apron will formed during the process of making love to a woman vaginal wall more exciting!
2, massage oil + brush
The four treasures of the ancient world was a fixture of letters, but today, sex of people but also to this love.
This is because, sex with a clean brush touch are found to aid sex ylang flowers after massage oil, brush around moments have sex. Have this kind of brush in the other side of the upper body to draw... Each other must be in your it's dying!"
3, lubricants + vibrator
In addition to just say massage oil, we use the third forms of weapons and have similar places - are liquids. The cherry fruit body lubricant daub after couple privates, the fragrance is good and water embellish of pleasure has been too busy to think about other.
If coupled with a frequency of the vibrator, a combination of both will instantly make an otherwise plain between husband and wife sex BaoShuang up!
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