News; Male sex most afraid of things: size is not big enough

Published: Thursday 16 October, 2014

For a long time, men are positioning into sex of activists. Little imagine, when you're in love, men are often nervous, some fear "murder" passion, unable to enjoy sex.
Male sex most afraid of things: size is not big enough time is not long enough
She was not satisfied with my size. The Times of India, an article pointed out that the men in sexual matters the most care about the size of the penis. , even in the hour of passion still fear the size is not big enough, can't meet partner looking forward to the pleasure of, or even cause an inferiority complex.
Countermeasures: adult male penis when erect, length more than 6 -- 7 cm, even if normal, not the bigger the better. Sensitive parts of the vagina and outer side a third place, so more than 6 cm long penis is enough, too long may make a woman feel discomfort instead. Should learn more about your partner's body, found her sensitive parts of the sexual pleasure arousal, that is the door to sex.
One thousand this time is too short. Although men every possible way to please mate, but every time passion, still worried about ejaculation too fast, can't let partners have orgasms. This is a very common concerns, premature ejaculation is enough to blow the man all sexual confidence.
Countermeasures: many men mistook "marathon" is strong sexual performance. In fact, as long as the penis erect sufficiently and keep on moving in the vagina for more than 2 minutes, coupled with the appropriate skills, women generally can be satisfied. Training methods have some simple actions, such as combination method of the park, extrusion method, etc., can also be effective to extend the time of ejaculation, reduce heart concerns.
How different and erotic movies? Many men with erotic film as "textbook", imitating the some sexual behavior in the movie. No positive response once the female partner, or and the reaction in the movie, the man began to worry about their sexual ability is insufficient.
Countermeasures: men tend to be more fragile psychological, easy to roll. No need actually, sexual life too care about their performance, and the other person's reaction, sex not only is the feeling of the body, but also the communication of spirit. Ask your partner's feelings, then the mood, so you can enjoy the perfect sex in the relaxed atmosphere.
Does masturbation let me not? Many people think masturbation is a kind of bad behavior, followed by guilt or even for ever. Once they had poor performance during sex, or appear impotence, premature ejaculation, and so on and so forth, are often blamed for masturbation.
Countermeasures: several studies have shown that childhood or adolescence masturbation does not affect life in the future, the resulting many fear is unnecessary. Moderate masturbation does not cause damage to health, it can release pressure, promote the penile erection, reduce the prostate hyperemia.
Don't be unwanted pregnancy. Although sex is an important purpose of breeding, but who don't want to in an unplanned after the passion "surprise". Many men complain, often "discontinued" condoms are at a critical moment, accidental loss or burst, etc., all of these let them worry.
Efficient countermeasures: generally speaking, the use of condoms and pregnancy can reach more than 98%, the pill can reach 98%, 99%, external use birth control pills can reach 94%, 97%, these are relatively safe and effective contraceptive measures. Don't exist fluky psychology, the choice suits own contraception and in strict accordance with the requirement to do, generally not accidental pregnancy, need not too worried.
Infectious diseases? Some men fear of sexually transmitted diseases after sex, because some thoughts influenced the life and work, some even overly paranoid anxiety, go to a hospital checking again and again.
Action: to advocate a healthy sex life way, to avoid feculent sexual behavior. If there is a high risk behavior, want to see a doctor to normal hospital check in time, not late diagnosis delay an illness.