News; A man 4ways to make women love fluid crazy flow for you

Published: Thursday 16 October, 2014

Most of our sex life is ended on male ejaculation, neglect women during the period of this feeling, this is mainly because of female sexual excitement to slowly, so how can men make women enjoy the perfect sex?
Let us together and see it today:
1, make good use of the tip of the tongue
Also women expect men dreamed of oral sex, women can look forward to men as well as their oral sex. For women during oral sex, attention should be paid to make good use of the tip of the tongue, with the tip of my tongue to touch of feminine clitoris, this is like a light touch for more will provoke a woman's sexual excitement, let her for you this kind of the tip of the tongue tease a fascinating one.
For oral sex, women should pay attention to the reflection of each other, in order to control well the progress of the oral sex for repeated stimulation on sensitive parts of such you she will purr.
2, pay attention to the communication before sex
Husband and wife sex life disharmony a large part of the reason is that the two sides do not timely communication before sex, if communicate in front of the bedroom, can fully grasp the be fond of each other, to understand each other of sex life sex again, it is easy to meet each other's heart.
In communication, pay attention to respect each other's wishes, don't force the other party to do according to oneself idea, talking as far as possible the euphemism, avoid by all means is sensitive to touch each other.
3, to extend the time of the bedroom
Male and female orgasm time not unified because female sexual arousal to delay than men, and many men is to ignore it. Men should bear in mind in the bedroom to the attention of the female sexual arousal, like sex experts have been emphasized "perfect sex is mutual, please reach orgasm together in mutual assistance, not just to his own satisfaction, is to let each other to meet."
As to prolong time of sexual intercourse, the method of the critical point of men can be in is about to reach orgasm, the transfer of appropriate attention to the gender, in order to reduce the penis sensitivity, in order to avoid premature ejaculation.
4, pay attention to sexual foreplay
Many women complain that the other half in the sex life ignores sexual foreplay, or foreplay time is too short, has not aroused the other had cut into the theme of sex, this let women sexual excitement lags behind that of the male right from the start. Experts said, the male on the eve of time should be multiplied by the satisfactory foreplay time is three women.
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