News; how to treat if cant ejaculation ?

Published: Friday 10 October, 2014

Don't ejaculation is to point to in the process of sex, men's penis can erect for a long time a hard, but in the event of a sexual climax, not or cannot in female vagina ejaculation ejaculation, reach orgasm, in penile erectile after a period of time, slowly become soft down and back to normal. Don't ejaculation is divided into two kinds of primary and secondary ejaculation not ejaculation.
(1) primary ejaculation is not erect penis in the vagina from failed to ejaculation. But with occasional spermatorrhea or wet dream. The primary selective not ejaculation, often from sexual conflict. Primary is definitely not ejaculation, refers to the * * * or masturbation, never had a perception of ejaculation.
(2) secondary refers to in the past have * * * don't ejaculation ejaculation, lose in the vagina ejaculation ability now, for the secondary without ejaculation. Secondary selective don't ejaculation, refers to the use of * * * form can ejaculation. Secondary absoluteness not ejaculation, usually because it received some kind of trauma related to the ejaculation, terrified first think of ejaculation. Not the reason of ejaculation is more, mostly caused by psychological factors. Such as ignorance, accepts since childhood the education all sexual distortion as pornographic and obscene dirty; Sex is a lack of correct understanding. The woman is afraid of * * * pain; Fear of injury by limiting the man twitched the vagina and internal organs, the woman frail and restrictive life, "masturbation ejaculation is evil", married couples relationship not harmonious, afraid of pregnancy and sex in various bad habits; Local wrapping is too long, the glans penis in vagina of internal friction itching, wrapping is embedded, pain, * * * to a halt, severe inflammation of verumontanum cannot effectively participate in ejaculation process, etc. Organic not ejaculate, but has the following several aspects:
(1) the partial factors, such as the bladder is flabby, verumontanum hypertrophy, penis injury, peyronie's disease, hypospadias.
(2) the neurological factors, such as the abnormal brain function, peripheral nerve injury, spinal cord injury, testicular tumor resection for peritoneal diplomatic sense nerve resection.
(3) drug factors, such as with anti sympathetic divine medicine treatment of hypertension (guanidine b organism), depression, often cause damage of ejaculation function of side effects.
Treatment is not ejaculation, you must first find out the reason, details about the patient's sexual history. Don't ejaculation, caused by mental factors can be sexy and focused therapy, remove factors of ejaculation, is caused when the * * * abandon all worries, that has nothing to do with sex focuses feelings and feelings during sex. At the same time, his wife has a very important role in the treatment. By his wife in a variety of ways lead to ejaculation is a decisive milestone in treatment. The woman to stimulate the penis, for the first time in her hand stimuli cause ejaculation both the confidence, the woman after stimulating penile erectile, by hand fondle the scrotum and pressure to the pubic symphysis, in highly excited when can cause the arrival of the orgasm ejaculation; Man, at the same time instructed woman how hard and grasp the time, to the male orgasm and feel is close to ejaculation, woman USES in a superior position in * * *, quickly put the penis insertion vagina, continue to stimulate the penis after insertion, often cause ejaculation. If you don't succeed, can be repeated many times, must be men and women both parties cooperate with the tacit understanding, can generally be cured.
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