News; Men are under pressure to orgasm

Published: Friday 10 October, 2014

Because men can't pretend to be excited, so he will feel strong pressure.
When a man because of rejection and no longer actively courting a woman, he will be passively waiting for a woman's reaction. If he think he is always waiting for women, in the end, he will lose the desire, and read a book also don't know why. When this occurs, a man's sexual desire becomes less than women.
Usually at this time, a woman will begin to a bit of a panic. A woman will begin to miss the taste of sex, and more eager to get it than before. However, when a woman wants more, men have already lose interest in it, and also won't detect a women to enhance their own desires; So, even if the man have any remaining desires, will soon go out. Sex relationship is very subtle and strange balanced sex relationship. If men than women growing desire for sex, but also can patience gallantly continued courtship, he can win the women's heart gradually; Naturally, women also desire for sex.
However, when women more than men want sex, and therefore to express her discontent to men, a man will begin to lose interest in sex. Men think that sex has become a burden, and he is to meet the woman climax. Woman already know that must pretend to pressure will make her lose interest in sex paralysis,. And the performance pressure has ten times the paralysis of the effect is much stronger than women. Men can't faking like woman, if he hasn't been hard penis stand, he cannot climax; Women can easily pretending to be excited, and into a pair of the appearance of fine, but man can't do.
Of courtship overly sensitive to the man's pressure become more and more big, huge pressure make him no longer feel excited. Once men thought he must pretend to be excited or forced his erection, then all finished.
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