News; The reasons and the treatment of orgasmic dysfunction

Published: Friday 10 October, 2014

Orgasmic dysfunction (no orgasm), female sex requirement, normal sexual desire or the strong, but when the sexual activity is enough strength and enough time to the effectiveness of the stimulus, and a normal excitement period of reaction to obtain the low level of sexual pleasure, seldom or difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction. In many cases, therefore, she is also the desire or sexual excitement. Never in the condition of perception, by any means experience reaches orgasm and flexor primary orgasmic dysfunction.
The past have been continuously or regularly get orgasm, and now can no longer orgasm, secondary orgasmic dysfunction. The evaluation and treatment of the two principles broadly.
Most orgasmic dysfunction in women belong to the situation rather than the completeness of orgasmic dysfunction. The former only in some special circumstances, no climax, under any circumstances and by any means, the latter can orgasm. Also some women cannot or accidentally when pure sex to achieve orgasm, but in the masturbation, sexual dream, vibrator stimulation and sex at the same time, by oneself or partners can orgasm when direct stimulation of the clitoris, which fall within the scope of normal variation, do not belong to sexual dysfunction.
Orgasmic dysfunction caused by many reasons, mainly is the psychological factors, there are a few for physical reasons, such as damage to adjust climax reflex ridge central piece of degenerative disease and tumor, nervous system, or minty and vaginal epithelial nerve endings flawed; Endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid function is low or hyperfunction caused. Also some scholars pointed out that the mental treatment drugs can cause orgasm inhibition, but will return to normal after the drug was stopped. Because organic factors cause less, and more easily diagnosis, first should eliminate organic factors. Orgasmic dysfunction clinical more common, foreign reports from 100 to 100000 cases of different survey, the incidence of never having orgasms is 7% ~ 15%, our country Song Cuibing reports such as investigation 300 cases of healthy women married, every time an orgasm during * * * department 36 cases (12%); Often climax in 106 cases (35.34%); Occasionally climax 140 cases (46.66%); Never reach 18 cases (6%). Liu Fengwen reports such as investigation of obstetrics and gynecology women of childbearing age 200 (among them, 175 cases of maternal pregnancy, 10 cases of physical examination, 10 cases of ectopic pregnancy, infertility in 5 cases), asexual climax as many as 100 cases (50%), significantly higher than the foreign reports, and that all are caused by mental and psychological factors. Song Cuibing think in general, such as * * * duration has relationship with sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but not absolute, no matter how long, as long as there is a full sexual foreplay, the two sides cooperate with the tacit understanding, can achieve the sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
Having a sexual orgasm disorder treatment, main purpose is to weaken or eliminate excessive suppression of climax the reflection of the unconscious. Party is to guide patients with special focus on the reflection function together as a harbinger of feelings - before the high tide of sexual pleasure, don't learn to "cut" these aura, uncontrolled allowed to let nature take its course development as a result, in order to make the normal physiology reaction it stands to reason, often need to distract the patient, so they are not excessively unconsciously to suppress this natural reaction. Specific can take psychotherapy and behavior therapy combined therapy. With psychological treatment, the patients get rid of the self control to the point of completely free. Western sex therapist repeatedly pointed out that the most efficient way to cure orgasmic dysfunction is the guidance of the patient to get their first orgasm by masturbation. On the basis of correct understanding of masturbation, teaches patients through sexual fantasies and masturbate to get their first orgasm, after masturbation orgasm alone, to communicate with partners, sensitive exhibit, stimulation technique problems, such as when a patient through stimulation of the clitoris can reach orgasm, can enter the husband and wife, without demand * * *. In the process, also should undertake the pubic bone coccygeal muscle exercise, strengthen the muscles of the pubic bone coccygeal muscle tension and control ability, to improve the level of female sexual pleasure and promote the release of high reflection is an effective auxiliary measures.
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