News; The most healthy sex life schedule time

Published: Thursday 24 July, 2014

The most healthy sex life sex life time timetable arrangement is actually has a lot of exquisite, what time do the most healthy, how long do the least harm to the body of these are the issues to consider... Many people believe that the perfect sex need "to get longer and longer," as long as the fire liao, can begin at any moment. In fact, healthy sex is not the case. A what time, sex is the most healthy? Second, healthy sex life how long? Three, deliberately extended time, ok? What time is sex the most healthy? Sex the arrangement of time, usually two problems should be considered; One is not fatigue under the condition of having sex, the second is sex life after a relatively sufficient rest and recovery time. From the practice of sex, generally has the following three: one, some people think that, with time in the evening as well. The so-called night, generally refers to 22 o 'clock, for quite a few people, this is the time to sleep. Hold this view believe that the sexual activity takes great strength, had sex during this period, and afterward you can fall asleep immediately, make both parties get sufficient rest, the second day can keep energy; 2, some people think that, in the early morning, 6 PM is good.

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