News; What kind of erectile dysfunction have ?

Published: Thursday 25 September, 2014

What kind of erectile dysfunction? For male erectile dysfunction was big time, seriously affect the life of husband and wife, due to the husband and wife life not harmonious, there are a lot of families are facing collapse, so what's the kind of erectile dysfunction?
Male expert introduction: erectile dysfunction, often referred to as men in sexual impulse and sexual intercourse request under the penis cannot erect or penile erection but only can't maintain enough hardness, so that intercourse cannot be put into the vagina or penis into the vagina soon become soft.
International society for erectile dysfunction on its definition is: the penis during intercourse cannot effectively erect to sexual intercourse is not satisfied. Erectile dysfunction is the most common symptoms of male sexual dysfunction, its incidence is 10%.
Erectile dysfunction types:
1, neurological deterioration since the energy barrier function: central and peripheral nerve lesions can cause penile erectile nerve reflex obstacles, including intracranial diseases, spinal cord injury and spinal cord, peripheral nerve dysfunction.
2, psychogenic erectile dysfunction: (1), inner spiritual factors. Jealous of intimacy, women, sexual guilt, I hate the lack of male virility. (2), human factors between. Such as inappropriate, the dependence of competitive failure, anger and resentment for a long time, spouses have chronic diseases, such as life crisis. (3), experience a behavioral factors, such as lack of knowledge, the error of the urgent, sexual experience, sexual behavior outside on the sidelines, etc.
3, vascular erectile dysfunction: penile erectile must have three aspects of vascular changes to complete. That under the effect of nerve reflex artery expansion, increased blood flow to the sponge; Sponge blood sinus is flabby, expansion, congestion; Cavernous venous compression of passive and active contraction, resistance increased; In addition, also need a normal white membrane. Including any defects on the one hand can make the penile erectile dysfunction, vascular erectile dysfunction.
4, the secretory erectile dysfunction: primary gonad function is low; Secondary gonad function is low; Hyperprolactinemia; Jia kang, a low all can affect the change of sex hormones.
5, and other organic diseases cause erectile dysfunction: drugs cause erectile dysfunction are common; Reproductive organ disease itself, such as crack on hypospadias and urethral diseases, can cause erectile dysfunction.
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