News; Men are similar to those of the female orgasm

Published: Thursday 25 September, 2014

By sexual stimulation, men's and women's genitals are equally vascular congestion phenomenon; The blood rush into the organs, the expansion of; Skin redness, heart beat, breathing, muscle regularly about shrinkage eight over ten per second. The first few times contraction is the strongest, and then a few times may be less regularity and not strong. The pattern of brain waves will happen very big change, state of consciousness will actually change, make the person lose reason.
It is generally believed that the man's orgasm, violent, explosive, women feel all over the body, with ups and downs.
In describing the feeling of the climax, men and women are written to a tidal stress, heart began to extremely rapidly beating all "euphoria" increasing a wobble in the body rhythm, explosion, and warm and quiet. And both men and women become extremely rich poetry: "orgasm feels like fiery hell of heaven". "Orgasm is like a sweaty harassment after a few hours and dived into the cool pool". "High tide of like on a clear day, pour the waste in a vast open wizard".
1, I think climax gradually enhance the expansion of the waves like a passion. First of all, I noticed a very focused on somewhere guanidine move feeling, and then, this feeling will spread to the whole body. After orgasm, I feel weary and unlimited comfortable.
2, for me, sexual orgasm seems to just happen by accident. I can't say how or why go to what happened, but I suddenly felt a shock, and then suddenly disappeared. I often want to experience that only once.
3, just before orgasm, I usually feel the contraction of muscle. Come an orgasm, I feel the appearance of the likeness to detonate, and then quickly turned into a feeling of deep ShuSong, so I almost couldn't move.
4, I for sexual anxiety does make me reach orgasm. Sometimes, I feel excited mood for many times, but I usually too constrained to be more open.

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