News; The study says Asia male sexual ability is lower than Europe and

Published: Monday 22 September, 2014

If we say, diet, lifestyle habits affect men libido and testosterone levels, maybe no one will argue. But do you know that the living environment is also libido and testosterone levels of the "killer"? According to England "new scientist magazine reported recently, in some countries and regions, men are more likely to be due to the libido and testosterone, and" no ".
To explore the relationship between, professor of epidemiology at the university of Pittsburgh Jane kelly and her colleagues, collect the Hong Kong, China, Japan, Sweden, Tobago, and the United States a total of 5000 men over the age of 65 blood samples. The researchers compared the level of testosterone and estradiol in the sample. After ruled out such as age, body mass index error, found some differences.
The study found that Sweden, Tobago is similar to the United States men's testosterone levels, but Hong Kong, China and Japan male testosterone levels were 16% lower in the body. At the same time, the Japanese men fight in the blood testosterone hormone secretion is more vigorous, as a result of the result, is the Japanese men appear low sexual desire, a higher risk of erectile dysfunction.
In addition, if the men emigrated in these places, the incidence of sexual dysfunction will drop. Such as the Asian men living in the United States, and test results about local men.
The researchers point out, this shows that the environment and diet, work pressure, will have an effect on male sexual performance. "This may compete with the local pressure, lack of exercise for a long time."
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