News; Brain injury may also lead to impotence

Published: Monday 22 September, 2014

In the human brain has three areas associated with erectile function, namely sexual arousal centres located in the brain's limbic system; Gonadotropic hormone produced in the hypothalamus; The third area is the cerebral cortex, it is important to control center. Can produce sexual excitement, also can potentially inhibitory excited and make the penis cannot erect, this kind of way of impotence is called psychogenic impotence.
In traffic accident injury, brain tumor, the patients with cerebral hemorrhage, the possible damage of the limbic system, patients get survive may leave a disability, of course also occur sexual dysfunction.
Similarly, the disease if the damage to the hypothalamus, so gonadotropic hormone produced by the hypothalamus would be reduced, of course, the production of testosterone were affected. A man blood testosterone is not normal, sexual function will be abnormal. Brain lesions can sometimes make the hypothalamus produces too much prolactin, it can also lead to physical impotence.

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