News; Long time no sex tend to suffer from impotence

Published: Saturday 20 September, 2014

Q: I divorce more than five years, for the sake of the children has not married again. Now children grow up sensible, I also found a partner again. But, I found myself in the sexual problems, not only erectile difficulties, and hardness difference, don't persistent,
Several times efforts ended in failure. My ex and I together of the time, is very harmonious sex life. Why a few years later, became ED (erectile dysfunction)? I can return to normal?
A: first of all, you really is a kind of ED, we call it "ghost sex ED". People with this kind of ED is not a few, after separation or divorce of husband and wife for a long time without sexual life men are most likely to appear this kind of circumstance. This is because, to the people of a variety of skills are learned, and needs constant practice and review, sexuality is no exception. If you are in more than five years after the divorce has been no or very little sexual life, sexual organs like machine oil shortage and "rust" for a while. From the Angle of physiology, the process of the erectile nerve blood vessels in the "gymnastics", responsible for signal, vascular finishing action. Long-term sex, however, inevitably occurred information "accidents" impassability, action now.
In addition, you in the long five years almost never close to women, from the psychological perspective, lack of exercise, also can let you get panic, puff. Again, although you and his ex-wife harmonious sex life, but in the face of a new partner, one to accept the problem, also needs a period of time. All of these may make you a poor performance in the new period. However, you don't too worry, waste use sex ED belongs to the psychological and technical problems, is temporary, can be cured.
For treatment, the most important is confidence, tell yourself "I want to have sex, I can have sex". Then continue to review and find out more about his wife's feelings, trying to get her understanding and comfort. When necessary, can be appropriately increase the frequency of sexual life of husband and wife. After the erectile tissue of the brain and spinal cord control central recovery, long repressed sexual excitement stove will follow awakening, cooperate with organ in the warm-up, again will get sex. If still no improvement after a period of time, should be timely, so as not to delay treatment.
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