News; What is the affair of sexual impotence?

Published: Wednesday 17 September, 2014

The affairs of sexual impotence, a purely spiritual factors caused by, is not really lose potency. Sex outside marriage is, therefore, as long as the right, when made peace with his wife again, and get their sexuality. Therefore, an affair is possible cure impotence.
Often there is another situation in life, there are some middle-aged women's sexual desire is strong than when I was young, by contrast, often for her husband's desire to reduce confused (mistaken for impotency), for her husband's interest in sex and sexual intercourse frequency to reduce reflections, even suspect husband there are external. Especially when her husband and together are too many women contact more sensitive. General man six or seven years after their marriage, the energy begins to decline, decreased sexual desire have a certain degree, to the senile phase, sometimes intercourse lack of ejaculation, it's all physical changes of natural phenomenon, is not to produce the result of sex outside marriage. Noticed with her husband as long as the wife of the maintenance of the feelings, weaving sweet happy family life, husband and wife sex life will always be a happy and harmonious.