News; search the reasons which make impotence

Published: Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Features: a, open areas, such as congenital malformation, scrotal edema, testicular fibrosis, etc.
Second, male impotence, cause nervous system lesions: muscle impotent shrinkage, myasthenia gravis, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord tumors, brain, spinal cord lesions such as multiple sclerosis of spinal cord, neuritis, can lead to impotence in contrast degrees.
Three, endocrine system disease: pituitary lesions, pituitary performance degradation disease, diabetes, thyroid function already, Cushing's syndrome is a common disease of impotence. Except, still have disease of thyroid performance degradation, craniopharyngioma, class without testosterone disease, infantile, hyperprolactinemia, oral estrogen, feminine stromal cell testicular tumor, etc.
Four, genitourinary system disease: male urological diseases of reproductive organs is very intimate relation with impotence, such as the bladder resection, perineum prostatectomy, corpora cavernosa scleroma, phimosis, prostatitis, urethritis, cryptorchidism, cryptorchidism malignant development.
Five, the male impotence because of the blood system diseases: Hodgkin's disease, leukemia, pernicious anemia, sickle cell anemia.
Six, pollution: scrotal elephantiasis, reproductive system, gonorrhea, prevalence of sexual tuberculosis mumps, penile skin pollution and so on.
Seven, male impotence, the reason is due to the vascular lesions: arteritis, lipoma, hardening of the arteries, abdominal since the bifurcate artery thrombosis.
Eight, couples stalemate: off the soul of large number of sexual impotence, standoff with the relationship are straight. Couples each bosom worry, legislation, lack of affection for each other is not trustworthy, to produce sense of bad, precise lead to emotional standoff, affect the erectile tissue of the penis.
Nine, the brain makes: according to PuJian, suffer from impotence, higher percentage of intellectuals, less physical build. This is because the brain makes less physical building was susceptible to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Except, the cradle of high degree, ordinary life rhythm is fast, competition is intense, the pressure is bigger, is easy to produce psychological barriers, and to sunrise and make, whether physical build, less of this disease.
, cause of male impotence tobacco addiction: ten years of smoking can lead to the penis small artery spasm, blood shortcomings occurred with impotence. Perennial performance of alcoholic liver damage, the impact of hormone secretion, and slow alcoholism patients at the end of the blood vessels and nerves have been to the contrast degree of damage.
Eleven, cause of male impotence medicine perennial: all the year round to take some blood pressure drugs, calm agent and so on also can cause impotence.
Twelve, other aspects: cirrhosis, slow kidney weak performance.

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