News; If don't have libido , just try Vitamins

Published: Monday 15 September, 2014

If you feel "libido going down", try the following these vitamins, adding:
The main function of vitamin A is to promote the synthesis of protein.
Vitamin A deficiency can affect the spermatocyte testicular tissue, the seminiferous epithelial degeneration, testicular weight, decrease of seminal vesicle, the prostate keratinization. Ovarian lack of vitamin A, affect the normal secretion of estrogen.
The effect of vitamin C, reduce the cohesion of the sperm, is advantageous to the semen liquefaction.
Genetic DNA in sperm cells are protected by antioxidant function of vitamin C, if the genes are destroyed, can cause sperm fertilization ability weakened so that infertility.
Vitamin E have to adjust the action of the gonads and extend the life of the sperm.
Vitamin E can improve blood circulation, can improve the motility of capillary especially the genitals capillary, can increase sexual desire, increase the production of sperm.
Vitamin B12 of physiological activity depends largely on cobalt.
Cobalt can reduce the oxygen consumption, and the organization improve the hypoxia tolerance, promote tissue hypoxia environment in the vitality, insist for a long time vegetarian due to a lack of vitamin B12, semen sperm concentration significantly lower than others, semen quantity is less than others, affect the normal sexual function.

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