News; movement Let a man farewell "weak"

Published: Sunday 14 September, 2014

Middle age is the season of harvest, life, career, family self-worth, is booming. At this time, but often, health is not optimistic.
Some people say that this is the two happen to middle-aged imbalance curve. For men, realize the deepest way during sex "overwhelmed".
Recently, the us men's health magazine for middle-aged men, particularly recommended for three kinds of sports, they not only can strengthen physical health, more important is to help improve sexual performance.
Riding horse riding exercise leg force: the mental state has in common with sex, manage, control, control, change, even as it pleases "initiative" experience, have the same effect and the process of sex. Horse riding can also improve the ability of male response and coordination, exercise the body, especially the leg muscles, make it stronger.
Swimming resistance: it can directly use more exercise to sexual life, such as the arms, legs, waist and abdomen, etc., can also enhance the person's endurance.
In addition, tread water can make the hips plump rounded. Studies have pointed out that the majority of women are acknowledged that most attract the eye, is always a man strong pliable hips.
"The cat stretch type" relax neck: "cat stretch type" of yoga, like a cat stretch out their legs. Kneeling, men should first legs, buttocks sitting on the heel, arms stretched forward, hands touch the ground, the hips to keep still. Maintain 15 seconds, then slowly relaxed, restore body upright.
This movement can stretch the arm, shoulder and back, relieve fatigue work brings sense of acid, hemp, avoid neck lesions by overstrain.

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