News; Condoms for their sex Men want to clear again to eat viagra

Published: Wednesday 23 July, 2014

Speaking of STD prevention and control of AIDS, nearly all people will never forget the use of condoms. However, the expert points out, although condoms is the most commonly used contraceptives, but not every man really can use it. If you want to make the condom more safety, also need to learn more about using skills.
The correct use of a "good"
Many adult males are dealt and condoms, shuguang hospital, men's health experts point out that, however, even if the men who frequently used condoms, may also make some mistakes. Because this expert reminds, condom use must pay attention to the following skills:
Hand packing don't use scissors
First of all, appropriate to the size of the purchased condoms, too easy to fall off, is too small, easy to break. Before use to ensure that a condom in the warranty period, condoms also notice before open the packaging to squeeze to one side, then gently tear the packing, avoid using scissors and other weapon to open the packing, lest the condom broke.
Loose and tight to avoid wear before
When used to distinguish the condom in the outside. Some couples have sex when don't turn on the light, often in the process of wear condoms got inside and outside. Due to some condoms inner side or outer side coated with drugs or other chemicals, wear after the don't effect not only, it may cause undesirable stimulation.
In addition, don't put them in a condom fully expanded, and out the top of the gas. While wearing the best timing after foreplay, fully erect penis, make sure both sides before wearing no sexual contact. Shall ensure that after wearing loose and tight "before" state, if use broken on the way, should stop sexual behavior or do after emergency contraception.
In a timely manner to remove throwing a namely
When to take off a condom is to have cultured. In the male after ejaculation, the penis isn't completely before the "weak", hold the condom at the bottom of the pulling together with the penis, to ensure that no spill semen, otherwise will take emergency contraception. Some men after ejaculation the penis is still erect and ready to continue next time, it must be thoroughly clean the semen and replaced the other condoms. Remove the condom will inevitably with the hand when it comes into contact with semen, so to avoid contact with the female reproductive organs. Be sure to note is that the condom is a one-time consumables, cannot repeat use.
For their "sex"
Condoms appeared nowadays, all kinds of appeal, on the colour and lustre is colourful, taste the fruit, different effect on different style, colorful, fruity, bumps, thread, ultra-thin, luminous, extension of the time... The expert points out, these condoms may not be suitable for everyone. If you have a history of premature ejaculation, sensitive to genital stimulation of the male unfavorable use ultra thin; Men and women both parties should not be allergic constitution sensitive, easy to use color, fruity and luminous and time delay, this kind of condom contains drugs and chemical composition, more likely to become allergic source. For her husband wife sex apathy, of course, consider using convex point type and screw type, can strengthen the sensitive of female genital stimulation, improve the excitement of his wife.
Men want to clear again to eat viagra
Job is busy, pressure, make a lot of useful lifetimes during sex often felt "overwhelmed", and then buy all kinds of "male" medicine at random, in order to achieve the effect of "clear". At present, "an aphrodisiac drugs sold in the world, most of the warm, dry, if it really is the kidney Yang deficiency, and only under the guidance of a doctor to take appropriate, to make the loss of sexual function to get some degree of recovery. If Yin deficiency is the fire, take drugs an aphrodisiac, is to add fuel to the fire, will appear all sorts of malpractices. The popular "viagra" and nitroglycerin drugs commonly used medicines (coronary heart disease) together, can cause low blood pressure, or even shock. Therefore, associated with high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients, such as when the choice should be cautious, don't let cure "viagra" became a deadly "unstoppable".
People in the pursuit of the harmonious sex life, be good at raising "sex", grasp the following:
A, don't try so hard, the sensitivity of the human life and length of each are not identical, therefore, should vary from person to person, let nature take its course.
Second, don't try so hard, the slowly to, even if fail one or two times, don't lose heart, suspected that she was suffering from sexual dysfunction, only remove the psychological factors affecting sex, sex might is right ";
Three, not intentional interruption, as long as the penis erection inserts, will be "the best"; Four, more the pursuit of the psychological needs of sex, can use the indirect such as kiss, hug, all sexual activity.