News; Impotence of man, do you eat too much medicine?

Published: Sunday 14 September, 2014

Some drug side effects is very big, especially some drugs have a lot of damage to the male sexual function, specific please see the following drugs can lead to male impotence.
Drugs, at the same time of treatment, can also hurt. Now, "adr" the attention of more and more widely, for many couples, some drugs can also impact on male sexual function, the study found that both at home and abroad in recent years, drug adverse effect on sexual function has amounted to more than 50 kinds.
Eight drugs affect male sexual function
1, sulfa: willow nitrogen sulfanilamide pyridine can cause lack of sperm, sperm decrease.
2, gastrointestinal spasmolysis medicine: atropine, mount lang Chinese stone alkaline (654-2) and reuben sheen, etc, can make the male patients is impotent; Female diseases reduce human excited.
3, diuretic, spironolactone has male hormone resistance effect, if use for a long time, can cause low male virility or impotence; Woman can menstruation to be not moved, amenorrhea, and even stop ovulating.
4, antiallergic: chlorpheniramine maleate, buclizine, promethazine hydrochloride, etc., can reduce male and female sexual function. In addition, artane, furazolidone, indomethacin, metoclopramide, optimal drop ning and cimetidine, also can cause male and female sexual dysfunction.
5, sedative hypnotics: stability, peace and other sedatives if long-term use, can reduce sexual desire, cause impotence. Duly luminal, Amy and speed can sleep after hypnotics use for a long time, can cause a loss of libido male patients, impotence, or loss of orgasm.
6, fight heart disease medicine: digitalis for congestive heart failure, digoxin, strong mind, etc., can cause low male virility or impotence. Treatment of arrhythmia of propranolol, daily dosage increased to 40-320 mg, appear easily libido and impotence.
7, fall blood pressure drugs: the drugs and loss of libido, orgasm and impotence and other sexual dysfunction, the closest relationship. Melon b organism such as month dosage for more than 25 mg per day, most of the male patient can appear impotence, delay or not ejaculation ejaculation; Women with vaginal lubrication shortage, loss of libido.