News; Office workers, running can cure impotence

Published: Friday 12 September, 2014

Used to lives a lot of office worker doesn't like sports, common air conditioning room, a movement is pant shout, and sweating, will also sore and ache all over a week, many people see sports as a chore. But the benefits of exercise, in addition to can let you have good figure, has a very big help to cardiovascular. And benefits not only these, according to a recent study shows that exercise for male sexual life is also very helpful. According to the medical university in Boston, hosted by Dr Goldstein, a large study shows a day through sport consume at least 200 calories of men, the risk of impotence than those who don't exercise of male is much lower.
The study took nine years, the research object is close to 600 men. The 600 research object at first had no sexual dysfunction. Then Dr Goldstein, tracking the lifestyles of these people, and focus on some traditionally considered factors associated with erectile dysfunction, such as smoking, drinking, inactivity and overweight, etc. The results showed that the probability of male impotence has the exercise habit is low.
Many middle-aged men after middle age, stable work, have been married, no longer have to maintain the external image, lost the habit of exercise; Or think they don't smoke not wine, had a fairly standard body weight, body also no problem, just don't exercise. But when the topic involves "function", also held the indifferent attitude of men may be numbered. Dr Goldstein said the results of this study may make some men began to exercise.
Exercise can prevent cardiovascular disease and impotence, this is actually the same principle, all of this and if we can have enough blood to flow to the need of organs. Because sports can keep blood vessels open. In fact, impotence can be viewed as the early warning signs of cardiovascular disease, because when blood can't open, reaction on the state of penile erection is more apparent.
In the United States, sixty-five - year - old male with more than a quarter of impotence, through to improve the penis can't taking viagra some congestion, according to statistics, the average every three seconds, there is a just consumed, but after all is not a fundamental method taking viagra. Accurate method should be in advance, not only after impotence doctor everywhere.
Movement type many, does not have to go to the gym, walking is also a good sport, the only sport is unsuitable "bike", because it can increase the risk of impotence.
Moderate exercise can help prevent impotence
Exercise is not only beneficial to the heart of the people, but also is beneficial to people's sexual function. Us researchers found that regular, moderate exercise can prevent impotence.
Boston university school of medicine researchers Dr Michael goldstein and through a long-term large study found: every day at least 200 calories through exercise consumption of men less than activity of male impotence, less the amount of exercise is equivalent to "movement off" a tin of coke, is equal to the brisk walk about two miles.
In nine years, goldstein, and colleagues followed 600 initially had no male impotence. They looked at these lifestyle factors associated with erectile dysfunction in men, smoking, heavy drinking, too little exercise and obesity, etc. They found that people who often activity, a rare occurrence of impotence. The physiological load of exercise is a daily consumption of about 863 coke (200), when in walked 3000 meters.
Dr Goldstein in recently published in the journal of urology wrote: this discovery is of great significance, even in middle-aged men began to exercise can reduce risk impotence. The mechanism of exercise to prevent impotence and its prevention of heart disease at the same mechanism. Erectile dysfunction, and heart disease is one of the body organ blood flow is insufficient, exercise helps to vascular patency. Moreover, impotence, in fact, may be an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease, because heart with respect to the reduction of blood flow is more sensitive than the penis.
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