News; A pack of cigarettes a day a forty percent higher risk of impote

Published: Friday 12 September, 2014

Medical researchers from 8367 Australian man answered the questionnaire data, found that men who smoked more than a pack a day, suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) the chance of nearly 40% higher than non-smoking men. Respondents from each class, aged from 16 to 59 years old.
Nearly 10% of men surveyed have sexual dysfunction, and smoking accounted for the largest ratio.
According to the survey, smoking is no more than 20 men every day than nonsmokers 24% higher risk of developing sexual dysfunction, male, 20 cigarettes or more men, were 39% more likely than non-smoking man sexual dysfunction.
Sexual dysfunction is defined as penile erectile not here, and in at least one months of the year before last impotence. Study also found that age and the heart and blood circulation problems, and is directly related with higher risk impotence. While moderate alcohol consumption (day drink 1 cup) can greatly reduce the risk of impotence. Published research report published in the British medical association journal control smoke.
The medical profession has found that smoking is one of the chief culprit of male impotence. Previous studies have shown that nicotine and other poisonous chemicals that interfere with the penis blood circulation and reduce blood pressure, there lead to congestion, erect.
To explore the relationship between smoking and impotence disease: smoking has a lot of harm to human body, and there is no good, so to speak. And what cause sexual dysfunction and smoking impotence? Or smoking and impotence what relation?
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