News; Give up Smoking ,make you happy with sex

Published: Thursday 11 September, 2014

The prevalence of men under pressure from the life, the heart will certainly than women. In addition, some bad habits of men often hurt his own body. Smoking many organs have adverse effects to the human body. A man once made friends smoke, within the time is not long, his health will be markedly reduced. Doctor several Suggestions are put forward for men's daily life, to the male ego health care does have certain effect, and these activities are not complicated. Oxygen is important to the human body. At ordinary times, the breathing of men is mostly shallow breathing, if in the work, often do some deep breathing activity - abdominal muscles tighten, chest expansion deep inspiration, a lot of oxygen into the body stimulates the brain cells, stimulate the internal organs, such as heart, lung, kidney, spleen was gave the expansion of the sixty trillion cells, oxygen metabolism them sweating is a beneficial health care function. In the process of organisms living activities, accumulate a large number of breakdown products. If these products cannot be ruled out in time, and foreign drugs, tobacco waste in the body's savings, so, the body will be self poisoning, produce all kinds of diseases. Men tend to love sports when young. When sweating can exclude the secretion of quite a number of product. With the increase of age, work hard, activity less and less, so that the body of the metabolites can't discharge, and produce various kinds of diseases. As a result, doctors recommend men, especially older men, sweat to out at least once a day. In real life, lax careless, don't speak hygiene, male "common disease", seems to be some serious men neglect their health is not in the minority. This should cause the attention of the guys?
Smoke can stimulate the brain to make it exciting, but tend to cause brain and the unbalanced, uncoordinated and result in short-term excitement, long suppressed. Long-term smoking can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, produce too much adrenaline and noradrenaline, make the penis sponge body smooth muscle contraction, the penis cannot congestion, cause erectile dysfunction, affects normal sex life.
Some think that smoking can show a man's masculinity, is a symbol of masculinity. Even a legend, suck on two or three cigarettes before sex, sex climax time extended, enhance sexual pleasure. The reason is that smoking can increase the body's ability to higher nervous activity, make the brain, thereby increasing libido, enhance sexual life and happy feeling. Actually, this is nonsense. The cause of impotence is more, but the most important is caused by insufficient penis artery. Penis is made up of three sponges, sponge the body full of blood sinus, connected with arterial branches, penile erection, under the nerve at the mercy of the artery expansion, a large number of blood into the blood sinus, make the penis size, hard. Nicotine in tobacco pests, such as tar, carbon monoxide and rutin in the protein mass energy make penis artery atherosclerosis occurs, increased blood viscosity and microcirculation dysfunction, causing vascular lumen narrowing and narrow, penile erectile difficulties or lift and not firm.
Tobacco toxins of leydig cells showed inhibitory effect on the synthesis of sex hormones, testicular is Lord of the male sex organs, meantime stromal cells to synthesis of male hormones, the role of the male hormone is to prompt the penis, epididymis and vas deferens attached organ development, and maintain their mature state. To reduce its synthesis, levels drop in the blood, can affect the normal sexual desire. Confirmed that a lot of research materials in the impotence of the patient, smoking rate was significantly higher than that of normal people with age, the more you smoke, the higher the proportion of impotence. Large-scale studies have found that in patients with erectile dysfunction, more than two-thirds are smokers.

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