News; Man "hard" up to have sex happy

Published: Wednesday 10 September, 2014

According to the Chinese people's university institute of sociology of sex, sex survey only 27.1% of couples in China to feel very satisfied with their sex lives, 62.1% of people satisfied, 10.8% of people feel less satisfied or unsatisfied. Our relationship is very deep person up to 44% ~ 48%, only 23% ~ 27% of the human life very satisfied and comfortable. And all this, it is closely related to "hard"! Many couples think "erectile hardness" is the key to affect sexual life quality. Better erection will have better sex, and it is the hardest to meet sex.
"Hard" is the source of sex, is the guarantee of harmony, is the emotional "lubricant"... Rim, the sentient beings, men and women is the pursuit of high quality sex, so men's quest for "hard", the desire to "hard"; Women more yearning "hard", calling for "hard". No harm of "hard" is too big, too terrible consequences. Investigation shows that the consequences of "hard" not mainly appears as: first cause to complain, influencing relationship; Long, will lead to the other party for the "cheating",, "hard"; Finally could trigger a couple quarreled, family breakdown! Relevant data show that in the city, more than one third of divorce and directly related (ED).
"Hard" up to sex
The expert thinks, erectile hardness is "perfect" lover's sex pointer, enough "hard" is an important factor in maintaining sex of husband and wife. So, how does let oneself "hard"? The expert points out, if men want to have the "perfect" hardness, should obtain from the following several aspects:
One is to keep the good life habit, maintain physical and mental pleasure. To change the bad living way, away from the alcohol and tobacco, regular life. Often communicate with his wife, in order to reduce mental stress. Strengthen exercise, enhanced physique.
Second, the reasonable diet. Sex life can happy, mainly depends on men, so men should pay attention to a balanced diet, guaranteeing the normal intake of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements, correct nutritional deficiencies or excess, this is to let you keep the "hardness", "sex" blessing to enjoy to the full life of one of the necessary in advance.
Three is to ensure that the physical health. Diseases such as diabetes can lead to sexual dysfunction, so male friends cover regularly every year go to a hospital experience, be sick timely treatment; At the same time pay attention to drug effects on sexual health, various drugs must comply with, avoid drug abuse.
Four is in the work should be take rests. Used to work day and night and over time, to cause a decline in memory, muscle aches, dizziness, headache, sleep disorder, restlessness, irritability, neurasthenia, etc., the serious influence the quality of sex.
After five is when you experience sexual dysfunction, should be timely medical treatment.
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