News; ED very serious ,wife and husband relationship is very fragile

Published: Wednesday 10 September, 2014

"Sex and the modern women" global survey shows the male impotence effects on female sexual experience and relationship. 21% of women admitted, partner at least once, ED. When asked whether ED affect relationships, 76% of women admitted that ED will have very serious negative effects. When partner continues to be ED problems, many women will express their concern that their bodies have the problem? They were in a bad mood, or what's the trouble?
To this, the British sexologist, incoming international sexology association President John Dean (John Dean), "said Dr." I am always on patients' problems' emphasis on the importance of communication, couples have what wishes and ideas must say out. Sex is need fresh and active, which have been living together for a long time partner is particularly important."
"When couples appear ED, most women are very concerned about. Men should take note - we're in them, we think is the best way to confront ED. They need to do, is to speak frankly."
Although women attaches great importance to communication, however, but when your partner really appear ED, communication is not enough, only 48% of women with a partner discuss ED. The cause of the lack of communication, there are two: one is too few women know about ED; The report found that while women are lack of knowledge about ED, but most people know that drugs for the treatment of ED, and close to half of the women believe that oral drug is effective. When ED patients with active treatment, and control the disease after their partner 72% satisfied with the relationship between each other. The second is difficult ED patients. According to the survey of the bayer medicines, more than seventy percent of patients with ED is very eager to discuss sex with their partners in the "unexpected". Is "thinking" and "do" has so big gap, or because of the "face".

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