News; Why the patients with impotence easy to insomnia ?

Published: Wednesday 10 September, 2014

(1) don't understand sexual physiology, sexual life with fear or disgust; Wedding night too nervous or drinking too much, sex life when the two sides cooperate relationship is not good, bad or environment uncoordinated, etc., these can make erection center was strongly suppressed, causing low libido, erectile dysfunction, impotence.
(2) had adverse effects in the process of psychological development, such as premarital have spermatorrhea or masturbation history, thus suspected own sexual function has affected; Some new youth, because sex allergy, again afraid his wife early pregnant, often interrupt intercourse before ejaculation, every time they had sex, spirit is very nervous; Others have been traumatized in sex for the first time, they suspected sexual function and so on. These bad mental state will gradually make erection center by continuous suppression, to produce impotence.
(3) strong emotions, heavy mental burden, too sad, depressed mood, fatigue, physical strength and mental work will temporarily appear psychic impotence.
(4) the understanding on the existing problems, such as lack of physical knowledge, trust, legends, forced sex, as well as guidance and from some of the abnormal language hints, etc., can lead to the occurrence of impotence.
The above four reasons lead to impotence, as the impotence patients mental nerve and psychological pressure, and these are a negative stimulus, the cerebral cortex produces insomnia and accompanying neurosis, etc. Because of insomnia, in turn, cause a vicious cycle, therefore, most male sexual dysfunction patients with insomnia..

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