News; The woman is responsible for Men's impotence

Published: Friday 05 September, 2014

Specific reasons are as follows:
A, the woman not to cooperate
This kind of situation in premarital sexual behavior is relatively rare. Before marriage, the woman was afraid of pregnancy, pain, was found, and of romances, sexual intercourse tend to have a fear of psychology. Combined with sexual experience, often can't take the initiative to cooperate with the man, or simply refuse to cause the failure of sex, this can have an enormous effect on male sexual function and give their sex life after shading. In addition, conservative within marriage, or are not satisfied with marriage, or physical discomfort, bad mood, emotional transfer, etc., often with their sex lives passive or refuse, such as time passes, can also lead to loss of libido or male impotence and other sexual dysfunction.
Second, the woman's blame or ridicule
When the man with the body tired, the mood be agitated, body weakness after illness, the occasional penile erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, if the woman don't understand, have complained that mood or there was an expression of ridicule or insult to evil, there is likely to lead to the man's sexual serious obstacle. If the woman of the man's character, interest, work, status, appearance and so on show that the attitude of contempt and ridicule, hurt the man of pride, also can cause the man to sex lose confidence, and sexual dysfunction.
Third, the charm of the woman
If the couple's character, hobby, or a woman's words and deeds of poor ugly, vulgar, form up, sex inflexible or have to cheat behavior, etc., can lead to feelings of husband and wife estrangement, making her lose its charm, cause the man libido, eventually appear impotence, such as not ejaculation sexual dysfunction.
Four, the woman fell ill
When a woman suffering from some chronic diseases such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, vaginitis, tumor, or allergic to the male sperm, can make the man couldn't follow one's inclinations on sex, thereby inhibit sexual desire, this is likely to lead to male sexual dysfunction.
Five, the wife of eroticism
When the eroticism of the woman, the man would have a fear of sexual life, which makes the man appear psychological weakness and sexual ability is weak.
Above all, all can cause men on the sex lives of women factors may result in male sexual dysfunction.

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