News; A man should know five things

Published: Tuesday 22 July, 2014

Men are more or less worry about sexuality. Man worry lover are not satisfied with their own "size" and "rigidity" and "time". "Sex" for men, is both their strengths, their Achilles' heel. In terms of sex, men need to encourage and comfort, but don't ask him: "what's the".
Men don't want to and love to talk about the past emotions. Mature man is rejection and lover to talk about the past feelings, if the good thing of the past, said his wife would be jealous, nagging. If let a man feel sad past, feel no face. All men don't say it does not mean cheating, he could only hope don't let the past things affect now.
A man is eager to caress. A man's sexual desire is not to make love to meet. Especially mature men, they need more emotional communication, love is a man's want foreplay, hugging, kissing, say care about words can make a man feel satisfied.
Men want to try a new way of sex. Pursuit of greater sexual stimulation and happiness is the goal of many men. If the way he proposed method is a healthy, safe, they are hope to try together each other, giving advice, not hear criticism.
Masturbation is a man's lifetime friend. Survey shows that in men married, after marriage still have masturbation behavior accounted for 75.6%, 7.9% of those frequent masturbation. For men, the purpose of masturbation often directly and a single, mostly to comfortable and convenient to vent out unable to release sexual desire, at the same time satisfy the limitless imagination. Male masturbation does not mean that the relationship becomes poor.