News; According to the constitution tea can enhance sexual function

Published: Friday 05 September, 2014

Pharmacology research proves that tea contained alkaloids such as caffeine, theophylline, such as material, to human body have obviously excited central nervous system, can eliminate fatigue, cheer up, improve the body feeling ability and the ability to respond to sexual stimulation. Aromatic oil make tea in the tea sends out a fragrance of Chinese, also can make all the difference in, physical and mental pleasure.
According to legend, the late qing and early republic prestigious jack and Chinese herbal medicine physician Liu Xiang and had learned a heirloom "immortal rotted tea", and later called "request of tea", "fairy tea". This tea is given priority to with kidney strong sun, sun be the spirit can promote the human body, activating qi and blood, enhance sexual function, can even treat rheumatoid arthritis. Due to curative effect, it is in the local proverb told: "one year old a fairy tea, age 18" the old man.
In many parts of the folk, also have will be used as medicinal plants with tea tea, and tea excitation auxiliary to each other, the habit of ziyin impotence. Such as eucommia bark, dodder, lotus seed, mulberry and so on, these plants or XinWen Yang, Yin and Yang or kidney or row adjustable gas, caused by different causes for aid in the treatment of sexual dysfunction may play a role.
However, tea can be excited central nervous system, and improve the sensibility of sexual stimulation, is only present without sustainability. Because most people are having sex before sleep, so at night to drink strong tea is not recommended to increase the excitability of sexual, lest affect sleep.
Generally speaking, the tea of temperature, cold, warm stomach, more effect; Effect of green tea is cool, mainly for the heat, refreshing, so for kidney strong sun, suggested that mainly use warm black tea.

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