News; Three steps psychic impotence treatment

Published: Thursday 04 September, 2014

Impotence caused by physical factors not only, also be caused by mental factors. The impotence of caused by mental factors, often being ignored. Treatment of the psychic impotence, however, is quite important. Psychic impotence to do? Understand the causes of mental impotence, learn three steps in treating impotence.
Psychiatric treatment of impotence, from you to find out the cause of impotence psychological factors, is the disease of common to is: due to the lack of knowledge, the wedding night or consternation, or go overboard, cause the failure of intercourse, then later happened impotence. Because some unsatisfactory sex, such as premature ejaculation ejaculation or not, the woman can't get satisfaction, hatred, contempt, or insulting the man, in sexual life, man has certain potential thought burden, again afraid of the woman are not satisfied, hence impotence.
Although there are a few people had never experienced sex life, but the wedding night, oneself think teenagers often masturbation and spermatorrhea, etc., I'm afraid I can't intercourse, impotence caused by mental burden. Of course, there are a lot of spiritual cause impotence, differ a list here, in short, no matter what the cause, its essence is the same, is that men have psychological burden.
The first step in treating impotence: remove coke virtual sex, because most sexual impotence patients fear of life.
Eager to improve sexual ability due to impotence, and anxiety, relieve anxiety for men and women both parties best explanation: sexual problems, men and women both parties don't blame each other; When sexual difficulties, spouses also have certain relations; Sexual dysfunction is not a mental disorder; Although the cause of impotence is very much, but does not affect the treatment; Sex is not just men or women for men to women, but men and women both parties participation behavior; Sexual activity is not only refers to a single sex; If you don't meet sex once, if strengthen the emotional communication can make the same benefit other aspects of the relationship, should not be used in the past feelings or sexual intercourse ability to speculate about the current situation, because it is of no help, women actively take responsibility and should not pass the buck to men, it is an effective method to improve sexual relationship.
Erectile dysfunction step 2: verify and language interpretation, tell women facing qing male impotence sexual anxiety, through both sides of the emotional communication, is to be able to overcome the male sexual anxiety, it helps reduce variable pressure. Should be inhibitory activity in the mean time, to the male sexual anxiety gradually lifted.
Erectile dysfunction step 3: explain sexy concentration method, namely when the sexual activity, focusing on the physical sensations, and not having sex, not too much to consider other things in vitro, don't talk too much, not too much to consider the purpose of sex, to fully focus on their own on the body feeling, this process is repeated many times, until success. Information impotence patients could not make the penis erection on their own will, because an erection activities is a reflex reaction, so patients must carry out comprehensive treatment impotence.

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