News; Safety period Contraception birth control rate is only 20%

Published: Wednesday 03 September, 2014

Rhythm is the most couples are very familiar with, and a lot of men and women, according to safety period to arrange regular sex life, but a lot of unwanted pregnancies is because with the method of rhythm, although this method has its own scientific, but the success rate is not high is its shortcomings.
The potential risk of rhythm
Many women are increasingly keen to rhythm, that such contraception convenience simple, no harm to the body, but also can save money, the best thing is that increase the trust between husband and wife, a layer of estrangement, not that will increase the quality of sexual life, little imagine, this way of "potential danger".
Rhythm is not safe
Women if you want to use the rhythm to contraception that regular menstrual cycle, but also accurate determination of ovulation, but sometimes women will because environmental change and mood changes in advance or delayed ovulation, so not accurate enough. A little bit more strict rhythm, errors will lead to accidental pregnancy, so security is greatly reduced, not safe contraceptive method, rhythm contraception rate is only 20%.
Contraception need men and women together to cooperate
Before you decide to choose the rhythm, the first thing to do to communicate with your husband's job, take a look at the "can can be today, not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow can" that sex, according to the calendar arrangement for him is not too many constraints. Over time will also have burden on sex, affect the affection between husband and wife.
Durex to thin phantom implicit condoms
Actually consider these aspects can be made, and many women want to use the rhythm is nothing but want more comfortable sex, convenient and simple methods, etc. But in contraception convenient don't reduce the success rate of contraception at the same time, after the sex life, taking emergency contraception, durex to thin phantom implicit condoms, for example, extreme thin, durex to thin. Thinner than other durex condoms by more than 20%, the unique taste of net technology, say goodbye to annoying rubber, soft texture, unique true skin touch, let the passion. , both can make close contact between husband and wife, and can guarantee the contraceptive use, it is kill two birds with one stone. Here to remind women, don't only see the surface of contraceptive methods, to be truly successful birth control is the key.
Multiple ovulation affected factors
Women's safety period is mainly according to the calculated ovulation, menstrual cycle, but not in safety period won't be pregnant women, there may be some objective factors resulted in the pregnancy or infertility.
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