News; Contraceptive effect: four practical tips

Published: Wednesday 03 September, 2014

One of the most effective methods of contraception short-acting contraceptives, sisters should know about this. I estimates, however, most of the sisters all don't know the pill that the secrets of the unknown function. In fact is also not mysterious, can be inferred according to the element of birth control pills, here share with you.
1, the treatment function, regulate not ideal menstrual cycle
This is only a blur, a lot of people know that even in the university entrance exam, honeymoon before taking birth control pills, to delay menstruation, contraceptive does have the effect of adjusting menstruation, can use birth control pills work, adjust the menstrual blood. Strictly speaking, use birth control pills menstruation need to be under the guidance of oh.
Small remind: fat woman menstruation is not good to check blood sugar. Lee popular explained that, director of the second artillery general hospital endocrinology in full in the body, any kind of endocrine effects, are likely to be associated with other endocrine effects. Diabetes is islet function to change a kind of endocrine system disease, will also affect the secretion of ovarian function, and the abnormal sex hormones secretion of menstrual disorders and other symptoms.
Appear menstrual disorder of women, there are many phenomenon such as obesity. Early treatment, the change of lifestyle, and suit the medicine under the guidance of doctors, the effect is good.
2, alleviate dysmenorrhea, reduce blood volume
Cycle take birth control pills can inhibit ovulation and relieving menstrual cramps, less blood loss, the most effective. But still the same reason, puberty girls dysmenorrhea had better not use birth control pills to alleviate dysmenorrhea, the efficacy of prophylactic is contraception, rather than the treatment of dysmenorrhea, if necessary, need oh under doctor's advice. But major urgent, such as to take the exam has urgent business trip, or to go to the seaside this place for a holiday, but on a honeymoon can use this method, a short-acting oral contraceptives, low hormone levels, used to be emergency is no burden on the developing body. I have used three times, one is I don't know the birth control pill is dried shrimp dongdong miss - when the children of the s, also good - to attend the university entrance exam, my mother is very mysterious to eat some medicine for me, I would have devastating on the examination room, or around must be uncomfortable, the mood is depressed anxiety.
3, prevent infection
It is said that basin of birth control pills can prevent infection and well. I just spent three years, but you cannot said the absolutely effective, please. The three years, however, I do wood have to what disease of department of gynaecology. Also have, such as serving more than a year can reduce 2/3 appendagitis, reduce 90% of ectopic pregnancy, breast cancer to reduce 10% to 75%, reduce 1/3 of ovarian cancer and endometriosis reduced half, a lot of good.
4, can make skin smooth
This is definitely on my thumb. My skin is fine, but some small bumps, less bright and clean. But since my husband and I together, I begin to eat mom rich grand, my acne problem completely free! If because of "nourish" that is not entirely right, my husband back, forehead or have small bumps. I think it's natural estrogen has effect of mom rich grand, because menstruation rules, hormone secretion has been adjusting the balance inside body, make complexion naturally better and better. Hey hey, my husband is praised me more and more attractive.

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