News; impotence is not kidney ,take medicine to be vigilant

Published: Monday 01 September, 2014

Sexual health food stores sell kidney aphrodisiac and animal organs of male erectile dysfunction (ED) in English there is effect? Male famous experts, professor wang of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine in our country recently in an interview with the author, ED patients don't superstitious animal organ, be careful the dangers of these so-called "filling kidney aphrodisiac".
A recent period, there are many patients with impotence letter to professor wang, telling them the suffering of the whole and long-term use of kidney aphrodisiac encounter troubles, such as the prostate hyperemia, sex life after the perineum, the spermatic cord, testis belly uncomfortable, etc. Not long ago, professor wang on the label that is sold on the market can be more than 60 kinds of kidney for the treatment of impotence aphrodisiac research found that although the name is different, more than 90% of the same kind of medicine, composition is mostly pilose antler, deer penis, hippocampus, barrenwort, actinolite, all is in the form of Oriental medicine. In our country, affected by traditional habits, man once suffered from impotence, is considered to be kidney empty, plus some publicity excessively exaggerating the role of the kidney aphrodisiac, which leads to many patients with the drug abuse.
Professor wang after to statistical analysis of 400 patients with ED were found, ED diseases has showed a trend of obvious younger age, most of the patients body, loud noise, did not say usually dizziness tinnitus, lumbar debility, kidney deficiency symptoms such as hair loss and loose teeth. Only 7.06% of patients caused by kidney empty ED, which explains the leading causes of kidney empty is not ED. Modern pharmacological research also proves that the kidney medicine mainly take similar to the role of the male hormone kind, really because of the reduced androgen ED patients, mainly caused by testicular dysplasia, in addition to the ED, and secondary development not congruent. Due to kidney deficiency, is rare clinically.
Since the 80 s since professor wang impotence treated from liver, every year there are literature appeared in newspapers and impotence treated from liver, made from hepatic differentiation of the literature of dirty points due to the number of the 2nd treatment such as literature, thus it can be seen that treated from liver ED has become one of the main ideas of modern TCM differentiation, ED.