News; Man ED "alternative reaction"

Published: Sunday 31 August, 2014

Experts said that ED is male common problems. A survey at the Massachusetts institute of technology, in 40-70 - year - old male, ED the incidence of 52%. Beijing, chongqing, guangzhou also have survey, 40-70 - year - old male, ED the incidence of 40%. As we age, male erectile dysfunction occurred more likely. Age is closely associated with erectile dysfunction of indirect risk factors.
White-collar income high pressure big, "sex"
But after a lot of men with ED, ashamed to treatment. My patients many from abroad, experts say, they didn't look at the male disease in their hometown, clear know the joke, they are specially advantage of travel, travel to other cities to see the doctor. And the patient, the doctor beating around the bush said along while, finally said to the substantive issues, sexual dysfunction. Some white-collar couples high income, big pressure, social parties, "sex" big reduction; Some older couples, points early in the bed and sleep, husband and sexual demands, wife first family "asexual" life ban. In fact, the "sex" is good for health. Foreign statistics, frequency of sexual life of husband and wife with an average of 6.4 times a month, regardless of nationality, race, age, the statistics don't accord with our actual situation, but experts believe that, one thing is for sure, men keep rule, the longer the age of a healthy sex life, the more healthy, the higher the quality of life.
Some of the "asexual marriage" can be treated
Wuhu jinling hospital medical professor says: love, marriage, sex, and three link to happiness. There is no marriage cohabitation; Without love, "suspected" animal; Without sex, that is to say, Plato type love, sometimes more trouble. Some "asexual marriage" can be treated, such as the use of lilly's morning self-test bar or go to the hospital sees a doctor, can solve.
"Intimate lover" include sexual intimacy, says professor in my research and observation, from sex and sex is not harmonious, and a drop in the quality of sexual life, is a middle-aged couples marriage and one of the important reasons for the "asexual marriage".

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