News; Sexual dysfunction treatment shall not be sloppy!

Published: Friday 29 August, 2014

"Erectile dysfunction" refers to the penis cannot erect sexual intercourse, although able to erect penis or inserts, but can't maintain enough hardness to complete sex, making it impossible to achieve satisfactory sex life. Now the name of the erectile dysfunction instead of impotence, or named after "ED" abbreviations.
Normally men after sexual excitement penile erectile obviously become warped or carry on flat (standing), as a young can reach 120 degrees, middle-aged and old about 90 degrees, erection Angle is greater than or equal to 90 degrees are all normal. If less than 60 degrees will not be inserted into the vagina. Conditions for the diagnosis of ED couples live together, for up to 6 months in a row for erectile dysfunction can't have sex or sexual intercourse at least a 25% chance of failure.
ED the cause of physical, psychological and combination of both three categories. ED caused by common organic etiology have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, prostate surgery, pelvic radiotherapy, senile dementia, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, hyperthyroidism, a low, hyperprolactinemia, low sex gland function, etc., and certain drugs may also affect the erectile tissue of the penis, such as blood pressure medication rauwolfia, antipsychotics, sedatives, cardiovascular drugs, etc. Psychological factors include lack of knowledge, depression, mental creation, between husband and wife, accident scared, etc. Some bad living habits will also affect the male erectile function, such as tobacco, alcohol, bubble bath, overwork, unrestrained nightlife, excessive nutrition causes obesity, drug use, etc.
ED often make men, unable to depression, a loss of confidence. So ED of man is not only the physical, the influence of the impact on the body and mind is far more than the average person's imagination, frustrated, depressed, li and xu, lift head, is a man's heart forever pain, so to speak. If not handled correctly, often can affect the relationship and harmonious family.
JiuZhenLv ED patients was very low in our country. Most patients suffer mental anguish silently, or follow the advertising, quietly in the pharmacy to buy some "aphrodisiac", the result is often counterproductive, old not in addition to, and add new sorrow. For treatment of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment, the causes of ED a lot of, can be caused by weak kidney Yang, qi and blood deficiency, don't hand over heart kidney, liver depression and qi stagnation and blood block and treating one of the reasons cause, also can be the result of several kinds of reasons. But purely caused by kidney Yang deficiency is less than 20%, so most of the patients taking aphrodisiac failed to suit the remedy to the case, how can take effect.
Suffer from ED, should go to normal hospital of specialized subject doctor, don't be fooled by "roving doctor" commitment on the pole. The roving doctor there only ripped off. In normal hospital uropoiesis male or, ED patients get the doctor's respect, and give full of understanding and support. So patients don't have to be embarrassed, to faithfully introduces condition. The doctor will according to the different situation in view of the specific condition of patients treated to give the best solution.

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