News; Operation therapy -- reflection principle to treat impotence

Published: Thursday 28 August, 2014

Operation therapy is based on skinner's operant conditioning theory on the basis of a treatment. Skinner against the punishment in the process of treatment, promote the positive reinforcement method.
Operation behavior, refers to the manipulation by the body itself to the environment and change can produce produce positive effects on their behavior. If behavior get positive reinforcement, then the possibility of such behavior again.
The specific implementation of operation therapy has two basic principles. One is the positive reinforcement. That is to say, when an expected behavior is found, immediately take incentive measures, in order to consolidate this behavior many times. In the process of positive reinforcement, not only should work out concrete expected behavior, and according to the patient's need to select the most appropriate reinforcement factor. The second stage is the shaping behavior. This requires that the expected behavior is divided into several parts, more specifically for each part of positive reinforcement.
From the point of the time of reinforcement, real-time strengthening effect is good, from the point of the way of strengthening, intermittent reinforcement effect is better. Intermittent reinforcement, as not every expectation behavior appear to strengthen, so that we can prevent strengthen the generalization of role.
Therefore, for the treatment of, especially the psychic impotence, applied behavioral therapy and various measures, can receive certain curative effect.

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