News; How to massage willmake the body excited

Published: Wednesday 16 July, 2014

People have a lot of sensitive area of the body, thighs, hips and feet are can exciting place. If these parts are appropriate massage, can strengthen stimulation, promote emotional and sexual response, to enjoy good sex, according to the three steps in the following order, please.
1. Two reverse, a look on below the ankle and calf. And then to stable and average speed and strength up gently rub, after the sensitive areas around the knee, the strength to be a little bit small, until the thigh.
2. When both hands and gently knead until hips, the rear hand on the thigh, stop for a minute, in front of the hands on the hips. Do the action, tender, loving hands.
3. After completion of the above actions, hands flat on the thigh on either side, top-down gently knead, two lateral spreads out from the sole of his foot. Repeat this action several times.