News; The psychological treat effect of impotence

Published: Wednesday 27 August, 2014

Psychotherapy is the treatment of the important methods for functional impotence, but organic impotence patients to bring a certain mental burden, mental smelting method is also required. Medical staff have impotence patients, attitude must be kind, for patients to have with emotion, must not attitude. In history, should allow patients to tell me the whole lesions, the patient had better not ChaYan when statement history, after the patient stated successively, can ask relevant issues according to the circumstance, the main medical degree of sexual life, sexual frequency conversion and the status of the time, sex, degree of erection and ejaculation and orgasm, the presence of masturbation, spermatorrhea, spouse attitude and cognition, and how spouses affection, and presence of ideological burden, etc. Spirit of the first step is to remove the focal therapy to treat impotence, because most impotent patients have sexual intercourse.
Anxious to improve sexual ability due to impotence, and anxiety, relieve anxiety for men and women both parties best explanation: sexual problems, men and women both parties don't blame each other; When sexual difficulties, spouses also have certain relations; Sexual dysfunction is not a mental disorder; Although the cause of impotence is very much, but does not affect the treatment; Sex is not just men or women for men to women, but men and women both parties participation behavior; Sexual activity is not only refers to a single sex; If you don't meet sex once, if strengthen the emotional communication can make the other aspects of the same relationship benefit; Not be used in the past feelings or sexual intercourse ability to speculate about the current situation, because it was no use; Women actively take responsibility and should not pass the buck to men, it is an effective method to improve sexual relationship. The second step is to validate and language interpretation, tell women facing qing male impotence sexual anxiety, through both sides of the emotional communication, is a male sexual anxiety can be overcome, it helps to reduce variable pressure. Should be inhibitory activity in the mean time, to the male sexual anxiety gradually lifted. The third step is to explain sexy concentration method, that is, when the sexual activity, focusing on the physical sensations, without sexual intercourse, the genital touching or breast, don't be too much to consider other things in vitro, don't talk too much, not too much to consider the purpose of sex, to fully focus on their own on the body feeling, this process is repeated many times, until success. Information impotence patients could not make the penis erection on their own will, because an erection activities is a reflex reaction, so patients must carry out comprehensive treatment impotence.

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