News; Sexual function self treatment tips

Published: Wednesday 27 August, 2014

One is to use the accumulated urine of bladder can stimulate peripheral nerve, increase the excitability of nerve, enhance the capacity of the erectile tissue of the penis, so how many leave some before sex to urinate, good control of mastering it, you can receive a certain effect (premature ejaculation patients should not be adopted.
2 it is appropriate to the advantage of the characteristics of the natural penis erection morning training, early in the morning had sex is easy to succeed.
Three is penile erectile not hard but can erect, can adopt suitable for half erect position for sexual intercourse, relax, sexual tension, sexual life easily, the penis can be natural recovery of erectile function.
Fourth, sexual intercourse before drinking a small amount of wine, relieve psychological inhibition, improve the excitement of the cerebral central, can enhance penile erectile function, but must pay attention to only drink a small amount of wine.
Five is taking ginseng royal jelly, it contains protein, fat, sugar, minerals and trace elements over 40 kinds of nutrients, such as long-term use can improve the penile erectile strength and stiffness.
Six is can take leeks and green Onions, especially with Fried pork liver, can enhance sexual function, enhance sexual desire.
Seven is to use round mouth condoms, can oppress the penis subcutaneous tissue of the venous return, make the penis front-end congestion, the feeling of the glans penis department will be more sensitive to the improvement of the brain's arousal, penile erectile strength and stiffness will also increase. Psychic impotence patients as long as they can successfully and satisfactorily completed several sex life, spiritual will gradually eliminate the anxiety and discomfort, mental state into good. Psychic impotence goes gradually recovered.

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