News; The key to premature ejaculation treatment

Published: Wednesday 20 August, 2014

Premature ejaculation is not difficult to cure, in addition to the above treatment should pay attention to psychological therapy and behavior therapy. Psychological counseling couples therapy together. To cure premature ejaculation, the wife is the first doctor, the love is the key. To both sides of husband and wife should first to preach about the knowledge of sexual medicine, inform the differences in both the male and the female orgasm, guide the couple before sexual intercourse foreplay, arouse the sympathy of the comforting man, remove the man's thoughts, establish a good ejaculation reflex.
Behavior therapy is the key to mastery of the art of the bedroom. In addition to the drug and psychological counseling, sex skills is important method for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Behavior therapy of specific methods, there is a famous sexologist masters and Johnson's "squeeze" technology; The seaman, "pause" skills; And comprehensive in recent years the technique of "five stages intercourse training method" and so on. I use the song dynasty more clinically the cure heart party "nine shallow a deep" behavior skills as a guide. The operation is simple and effective, is a scientific and practical behavior therapy technique, it is beneficial to patients have, for the majority of patients, worthy of clinical popularization and application.
For the treatment of premature ejaculation should also be supplemented by local administration, improve the threshold of ejaculation. Penis head is the most sensitive organ in your country to accept sexual stimulation, clinically can make spice fluid (clove 10 grams, 6 grams, 100 ml of ethanol, asarum water 3 days) with cotton dips in leaching liquid 1 hour before sex on the glans penis coronary groove, in order to reduce the peripheral nervous sensibility, improve sex ejaculation threshold, which have the effect of delay ejaculation. As long as eliminate misgivings, the disease treatment with behavioral therapy is often done right and shorter time can cure.

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