News; Sexual medicine will not cause disorder ?

Published: Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Q: in the past we husband and wife life has always been a more harmonious. Six months ago have students returning from abroad, gave me a few box of foreign sexual medicine, after use effect is really good.
Three months after finished medicinal, I found the question becomes: no sexual medicine, their sexual ability has big as before. Although at ordinary times can also be normal penis erection, but the trouble is when sex instead of not easy erection, even erectile lift and not firm, to his wife. This is why, I still have?
A: from ancient to medicine sex has been the pursuit of sexual pleasure and idiomatic auxiliary means, but it is a kind of eggs, against the practice of physical laws, do more harm than good, should not be advocated. Because of the need for treatment unless, otherwise it is best not to mess with sexual medicine to help.
A because internal and sexual medicine containing more male hormones such as testosterone), especially the liver has certain toxic to human body, and external use medicine contains more surface anesthetic, through the anesthesia effect reduce the stimulation of the penis on friction sensitivity, although to prolong intercourse, but sexual pleasure will follow, sexual action is too violent may also damage the male and female sex organs; Second because a strong sexual medicine to genital stimulation, the stimulation can lead to a stronger than usual blunt move feeling, to help sex will be dependent on drug for a long time, after discontinuation of sexual medicine is stimulated strongly suddenly, and stimulus such as the original touch, it will be difficult to replace previous sexual medicine intense stimulation, resulting in sexual arousal difficulties, penis to lift and not firm, shorter time of sex, the woman sexual pleasure. Your current sexual dysfunction is the cause.
For your current situation, it is suggested that the first thing you need to relax, and his wife's understanding, temporarily stop sex, so as to gradually fade out effect on sexual medicine help sexual psychological dependence. Maintain the body, enhance the sensitivity of the sex drive. At the same time can take some liver kidney, lean gas storage or proprietary Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine. Through 2 ~ 6 months of rehabilitation, can be normal sexual function. So you need not too nervous and anxious.

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